Summary: No matter how successful we are, our hearts should always have an attitude of gratitude to Jesus Christ!

Believers of Jesus Christ are blessed and have access to the power of God from heaven. You and I have access to the power of God from heaven!!

But as we will note in our passage today, Christians on earth can still mess things up.

Please open your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke Chapter 10…

We have noted that God’s plan is to use ordinary people to do extraordinary and miraculous work for the Kingdom of God! Jesus initially chose 12 Disciples, empowered them, and sent them out to do God work. We see at the beginning of Luke 10 that Jesus appointed and empowered 70 more disciples to do the work of God.

Today, Jesus calls His Believers to continue the work of the Kingdom of God by empowering them with the Holy Spirit and Scriptures. What can we do wrong? Let’s learn from Jesus. Read along with me Luke 10:17-24…..

The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” These disciples were ordinary people who performed extraordinary and miraculous work and they were very excited!

How did Jesus respond to them?

Was Jesus as excited as they were?

If we look at v18-20 as the whole response from Jesus, we can note 3 things:

1. The fall of Satan started with Jesus Christ in heaven!

2. All the power was given by Jesus Christ.

3. Rejoicing should be focused on the grace of God!

No matter how successful, hearts should always have an attitude of thanksgiving! An attitude of gratitude is what God looks for!

Now, based on Jesus’ response, what could have been a problem with those workers who performed miraculous works??

Jesus reminded them who brought Satan down, who gave them power, and actually rebuked them for not being thankful about being accepted to heaven as sinners!

Jesus taught humility!

And what can we note from v21-22?

In contrast with the joy of the workers, which was prideful:

1. Jesus’ joy was from God the Holy Spirit!

2. Jesus praised God the Father.

3. Jesus acknowledged God as the source of everything!

Jesus warned His workers of the dangers of pride.

Jesus demonstrated humility and thanksgiving.

Verses 21 and 23-24 are actually the key verses to this passage which sums up what Jesus was trying to teach.

Let’s look at them again, v21…

The wise and the learned are the prideful ones to whom God will hide things from; but God will reveal to little children, who are humble and willing to listen; and let us note that God is pleased to reveal wonderful things!

And v23-24….

We note that God desires to bless people!

Who were blessed and who were not? Many prophets and kings wanted to hear and see God’s revelation but they were not blessed. Why? Again, what can go wrong with those who have power?

Those who have power and abilities must be careful of their pride robbing them of blessings from God.

God blesses those who are humble!!

And so, what about us today?

Do we desire to be blessed?

Do we humble ourselves before our Creator God?

Look again at v22…

If we desire to be blessed by God, we must humble ourselves before Jesus Christ.

No matter how successful we are, our hearts should always have an attitude of gratitude to Jesus Christ!

Take a moment to pray to Jesus Christ right now; believe in Him as your only Savior; bow down before Jesus Christ as your only Lord; commit to hearing, learning, and doing what Jesus says!

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