Summary: A sermon about the offerings God and Satan have for each of us.

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Who among you remembers the ‘LET’S MAKE A DEAL’ TV show? It was one of the most popular games shows of its day. Contestants were given some really good money or prizes, but along with each gift came a chance to gamble; gamble on turning that gift into much more, or losing it entirely.

Today, let’s borrow that basic concept and see how it applies to Christianity. And I want you to imagine something for a moment. Imagine that I have the power to offer you some really great deals.


The first deal I want to make with you is this: I will give you $100,000 for your car. Is there anyone in here who would turn that down? I know if somebody offered me that much money for my car, I’d take it so fast it would make their head spin!

So, you give me your car keys and I give you $100,000 in cash. Now, before you leave, let me do something else. Let me offer you a million dollars for your car. Now, if you take it, you must do three things. You must:

a) give me back the $100,000

b) leave the car parked just where it is until next Sunday

c) wait until next Sunday to collect your million dollars

Now, would you take that offer? Would you be willing to go for a week without a car so that you could get a million dollars? I think we would all do that, because we all know other people that could take us to and from places we need to go, don’t we?

Here is what you have done. You have given me your car keys and I gave you something really good and I gave it to you immediately. This was a really good offer, but then I offered you something much better.

When I offered you the second offer, the first offer became less exciting to you. Of course, the second offer had some requirements attached to it. You would have to give the first offer back; you would have to wait until next week to receive the second offer, and you would have to do without your car for the week. But you still made the deal because it was so good you just couldn’t refuse.

Now keep that illustration firmly in your mind let’s see how this relates to Christianity, okay? Let’s see what kind of deals have been offered and to whom.


They could live in Paradise and have personal fellowship with Him if they just stayed away from one particular tree. Well, the devil came by one sunny afternoon and offered them another deal. He said that if they would eat from that forbidden tree, they would be like God. I guess they figured why just be with God when you could actually be like God.

Adam and Eve couldn’t resist, so they made the deal. What they got for their gamble was to lose their personal fellowship with God, lose their home in Paradise, and gain all the trouble the world had to offer them. In retrospect, it wasn’t that great of a deal, was it?


He will give you future pleasures and future rewards. He will offer you an eternity of bliss and happiness, and He will make sure that what He offers is much more than the immediate pleasures Satan offers you today.

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