Summary: A message on the swiftness and suddenness of God as He comes to our rescue.

Suddenly 6/5/11

Acts 16:25


• They are in the inner prison—no windows, no source of light

• Their feet are bound in chains

• The time--midnight

• It is pitch black—zero visibility

• Their bodies ache and hurt from being beaten

• They are singing and praying

• Their prayers are prayers of praise

• Their songs might have been something like:

O, How I Love Jesus

Jesus, Jesus How I trust him,

How I’ve proved him o’er and o’er

Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus

O, for grace to trust him more

Through many dangers toils and snares

I have already come

Tis grace that brought me safe thus far

And grace will lead me on

Praise God, Praise God…..

• And the prisoners heard them

What was the reaction of the prisoners?

And Suddenly

• Definition—surprisingly, in a moment, in a startling way, in an instant, swiftly, unexpectedly—God shows up

• He shows up in response to prayer, to praise, to worship, to singing, to his children’s cry

• He shows up in the form of a Seizmos (size-mahs)—an earthquake--a shaking, a commotion, a tempest

The Results

• The foundations of the prison were shaken

That which the entire structure rests upon

• All the doors were opened

Doors that had been closed to prevent exiting

• Immediately everyone’s bands (chains) were loosed

Chains of bondage

• Note “suddenly” and “immediately”

Suddenly can happen on its own—out of nowhere

Immediately is a result of something occurring previously. A continuation.

Verse 26 is a result of verse 25


• We need God to do a “Suddenly” for us

An out of nowhere entrance into our lives--with a bang

• We need what comes “Immediately” after

A shaking of our situation, a holy commotion to shake things up

Doors to be opened—Doors of opportunity, blessing,

Chains to fall off—addictions and habits broken, negative thinking, depression, discouragement, failure, fear, release from the past

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