Summary: The sermon on the mount maybe the Super bowl of sermons Jesus gives us.

Super Bowl Sermon Matthew 5:1-12

1. Today is the day Super Sunday 49ers face Kansas City Chiefs this game is a monumental sporting event no doubt its Super Bowl Sunday

• millions of football fans celebrate it, family and friends gather around the televisio¬n to watch it

• Advertisers flock to it Every football player wants to win it AFC verses NFC

2. The Beatitudes are monumental like the Super Bowl

• The Beatitudes speak to us about the core principles of the faith.

• The Beatitudes are as basic as When Jesus is asked, “What is the greatest commandment?” You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind. “He then adds, “The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’” — simple, memorable and foundational.

• The Beatitudes are simple, memorable and foundational they tell us what it means to be a Christian.

3. Jesus’s Sermon is beyond Blimp Worthy it’s Kingdom Worthy it reveals those who find the kingdom of God (The Blimp don’t just show up for anybody you must be blimp worthy).

• Our texts Lifts up those who are “poor in spirit” “those who mourn “

• Jesus’s reveals The kingdom is reserved for those who have left behind their arrogance and ego, or who have the spirit of the poor. They understand the poor. They connect with the poor. They are utterly dependent upon the grace and mercy of a loving God.

4. Those that are Blimp Worthy according to Jesus

• Jesus’s Super Bowl Sermon tells us who are the ones that are Blimp Worthy they are the ones who morn “those who mourn” are not simply those who grieve over departed loved ones, but those who are heartbroken over a humanity that has turned its back upon the very one who gives and sustains its life.

• The Blimp Worthy are the Seekers those who “hunger and thirst for righteousness” Its those who hunt for righteousness when the sinful and disgraceful human condition has finally been overcome

• The Blimp Worthy are The Seekers that are The merciful” (v. 7) — those who regard all others with sympathy and compassion,

• The Blimp Worthy are the The Seekers That are pure in heart” (v. 8) purged of ego and self-pride — those who embody singleness of purpose.

• The Blimp Worthy are The Seekers that are Peacemakers” (v. 9) “there is no us and them,” or “friends and foes,”. Those that make a place for Peace at all times, places,

5. Finally, Jesus’s Super Bowl Sermon it’s blimp worthy, it’s death worthy all football players are told leave it on the field, give it everything you got or you will regret it, Jesus basically is saying to all this kingdom stuff is death worthy. The Super Bowl is worth giving everything

• Dietrich Bonhoeffer cautioned that “when Christ calls a man, he bids him ‘come and die.’ Come and Die for, Happy are the persecuted, happy are the insulted, the abused on my account, Happy are these for your reward is great in heaven

• Those who have come and died are the poor in sprit, those who mourn, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart, and those who make a place peacemakers

• Where are we going? An Methodist bishop asked the candidates at annual conference in Texas. He warned them that he was about to ask the “historical” Wesleyan questions long required of such ordinands. First on the list was : “Are you going on to perfection?” There were hesitant responses, the irritated churchman snapped, “Well, if you are not going on to perfection, where are U going?” The bishop’s question is a good one: Where are you going? The Beatitudes like Bonhoeffer, it’s a call to decide. Come and Die! Are you going to be poor in spirit, hunger, thirst, be merciful, pure, peacemaker,

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