Summary: God wants to use ordinary human beings like you and me to accomplish His extraordinary purposes on earth.

Revelation CHAPTER 14

This vision is divided into six sections: 1-5, 6-7, 8, 9-13, 15-16 and 17-20. Note the “I looked and behold. . .” vv 1, 6, and 14.


v. 1 and I looked, and Look! The Lamb standing on mount Zion and with him a hundred forty four thousand, having His name, and the name of His Father written on their foreheads.

v. 2 And I heard a voice from the throne, as the sound of many waters, and the voice of loud thunder; and the voice which I heard was like harpists playing their harps.

v. 3 and they sang a new song before the throne, and before the four Living Ones, and the Elders and now one was able to learn the song except the hundred forty four thousand, the redeemed from the earth.

v. 4 these are those who have not been muddied with women, for they are pure, these following the Lamb wherever He goes, These have been redeemed from among men, the first fruits to God, and to the Lamb.

v. 5 and in their mouths there was no falsehood; they are blameless.


v 1 please see the discussion of the 144,000 in chapter 7. The name of the Lamb & His Father are in contrast to those who have taken the mark of the beast described in chapter 13.

v 2 The scene has switched suddenly from Zion to the throne room of heaven. The voice from the throne we’ve heard before, and the voice like many waters, but now they are combined with the sound of harps and the voices of the 144,000-imagine what the chorus would sound like.

v 3 they sang a new song. There is a lot in the Bible about new songs (Psalms 33, 91, etc.). Paul encouraged the Church to encourage one another with songs and hymns and spiritual songs-the spiritual songs almost certainly a reference to songs composed fresh by inspiration of the Spirit. This song is already special because it’s new. But it’s more special because it’s a song only the 144,000 get to learn. It is sufficient motivation for many musicians to long to be counted as a part of that performance ensemble.

v 4 The Bible in no way condemns sex within marriage, just the opposite (Genesis 1:27; Song of Solomon; Hebrews 13, etc.). But these are men who determined not to indulge in sex outside of marriage-they were clean.

v 5 The 144,000 were clean in their mouths as well. James tells us the person who can tame the tongue is a perfect person (James 3). These men have a lot working in their favor-they are super humans.

Super Humans

I know, I keep referencing superheroes. Part of the reason is, the Bible is about superheroes, not people with extraordinary abilities, but ordinary humans with ordinary abilities who do extraordinary things. These are the kinds of heroes that capture my imagination, even more than the flying, Force & laser sword wielding, bullet bouncing, super-villain defeating monsters of recent lore. God wants to use ordinary human beings like you and me to accomplish His extraordinary purposes on earth. These 144,000 are extraordinary, not because they have super-powers, but because they have super-commitment. They love their LORD enough to make Him their first and foremost focus. His purposes occupy their primary priorities. He is their song and their very great reward. This kind of super-power is available to each of us. It’s not an accident of chromosomal mutation, or magical intervention or alien invasion. It’s a human persuasion-the confident mark placed on the foreheads of those who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. I want that kind of mark on my forehead (I have plenty of room for such a mark on my forehead, as there is so little hair obstructing the space). Ah! That it could be said of us “there was no falsehood in their mouth. They were blameless”.

Prayer for Today


O! Father,

Make me like those sealed for Your purposes. Set me apart.

Focus my eyes to see the truth.

Enrich my ears to hear Your truth.

Teach my mouth to speak the truth.

Train my heart to embrace Your truth, and

Use my life to show Your truth, with all the love and grace you can place in me.

In the name of Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


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