Summary: So what about Christians? How do they compare or contrast with these superheroes we have been looking at. We’ll look at three principles to examine the superheroes and the Christians, but instead of trying to impress the pop culture, we will seek God’s

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Superheroes vs. Christians


Throughout the last century, superheroes have played a major part of our American culture. Comic books, cartoons & science fiction have all played a part of making superheroes a major icon in our society. We can look way back in our history to see that they have been looked up to for a very long time.

SUSAN WERBE of the History Channel: Comic Book superheroes are unique and a valuable part of American pop cultural history. There are themes that are explored in superhero comic books from Superman to the Sandman that are as rich and deep as the works of great literature. The perception has been that comic books are just kid stuff -- anyone who has studied or read comic books that feature superheroes knows this -- those who aren’t as familiar will enjoy a great revelation upon viewing them.

Here’s a list of some early ones not really well know any more that were originated close to the time of World War 2:

Tightrope 1936,rope wielding, acrobatic crimefighter

Crimestopper 1936, shadowy, gadget-equipped crimefighter

Swift Justice 1937,fast and skilled crimefighter

Captain Tomorrow 1938 used miniaturised electronic gadgets

Typhoon 1941,water bound super with air blasts

Doctor Arcane 1931,mysterious mage whose exploits are shrouded in mystery

The Masque 1939,masked sorceror who battled many occult menaces during the 1940’s and 50’s

Yet, today, there are a number of superheroes that have leapt from the comic pages right onto the silver screen. Give me some of these famous superheroes that you can think of:

See, even all of you are familiar with the names of many of these superheroes, whether you have watched them or your kids have watched them, their names do not escape you.

This morning, I want to look at what most would consider the top 3 popular superheroes of our day.


Now I choose these 3, to represent all superheroes of all times.

We are going to take a look at what these 3 have in common with one another and then we are going to make some comparisons with Christians of all times.

First, these Superheroes have Secret Personalities or identities:

Can anyone tell what they are:

1. Batman = Bruce Wayne (billionaire)

2. Spiderman = Peter Parker (photographer)

3. Superman = Clark Kent (newspaper reporter)

Second, these superheroes have Special Powers:

1. Batman = Brains, gadgets, vehicles & training/Martial arts

2. Spiderman = spider senses, wall clinging, web shooting, acrobatic

3. Superman = flies, x-ray vision, super strength, heat vision, freezing breath, bullet proof

Thirdly, these superheroes have a Specific Purpose:

1. Fighting evil in the world

2. Helping those in need

3. Standing for Justice & Truth

These guys are the good guys. They stand up for what is right and put the bad guys away. This is why they have captured the hearts of so many in our society and why they fit into our culture. There seems to be so many bad things going on out there, we need to be reminded that there are good people out there trying to make a difference in the name of Good.

So what about Christians? How do they compare or contrast with these superheroes we have been looking at. Well, let’s look at the same three principles we used to examine the superheroes, but instead of trying to impress the pop culture, we will seek God’s Word for our guidance on these things.

Christians, also have Secret Personalities:

For instance, there are individuals, who come into a church and put on what I call, their “Sunday Game Face”. This like the superhero, is the mask of some Christians. They know how to where that face on Wednesdays and any other time that church people are gathering together.

Yet, when they leave the presence of other Christians, the mask comes off and the real personality or identity is revealed. When the mask comes off, there is a very real persona revealed. This personality has been hidden for so very long. Sometimes, not even family members are aware of it. Yet often times they are. Just like the superheroes, they live lives of mystery and are often secluded from others because of their secret. They find it hard to truly bond with others.

Also, these things often cause people to have a great deal of guilt and shame in their lives, because they know what the right thing to do is, and yet they can’t seem to stop. Well, they are not alone. This is something that is more and more of a reality all of the time. Even the apostle Paul spoke about this as he wrote to the Christians of Rome. Found in Romans chapter 7.

Ro 7:14 We know that the law is spiritual; but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin.

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