Summary: This is a monologue done in first person by David and is a reinactment of Psalm 51 presented in modern day situation and dialogue.

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“Supper with the Savior”

Monologue from Psalm 51

Created by ©Dr. Larry L. Thompson (2005)

Scene opens with modern day David entering stage area where you find a table for two that is stylishly set representing an upscale restaurant. David enters with brief case speaking as if talking to the maitre d’. This monologue is a one person presentation. Any reference to other individuals in the course of the monologue is simply creating the illusion of activity and conversation between the individuals and David.

“You sure he’s not here? Do me a favor and check with the receptionist at the front door and just ask her if anyone has called to say they are going to be late. I’m met this guy many times and He’s always punctual; as a matter of record; He is the one that is always waiting on me. This is really not like Him. (David takes his seat and casually glances at the menu while also taking a look through the restaurant to see if there is anyone else he knows. Catches the eye of the waiter) Could you bring me my usual? No, I’m just going to get something to drink for right now; I’ll wait to order until my friend joins me. I’m sure He’ll be here any minute. The guy is never late…

No, this is not business. Honestly, how many times have you seen me conduct business while I’m eating? No this is just one of my dearest friends…I’ve known him since I was a boy. I guess I was first introduced to Him when I was working with my dad. You know I’ve told you before that my dad was not the city boy I become. We grew up on the farm. You talk about work. I knew putting my time in helping work the livestock that there was one thing I wanted to do when I became a man…not work with the livestock. You bet it’s hard work and try getting a date when you’re a kid and you smell like a goat! Anyway, I first met him when He visited my family. He’s an amazing man. He didn’t seem to mind that I was the youngest in the family. He told me that I was going to make it big someday. I said, “Yeah right” He looked right at me and said, ‘Listen to me. Trust me when I tell you that you going to make it big. He really believed in me when no one else would even give me an opportunity. I remember telling my brothers that this new friend was really helping me and giving me a confidence I had never experienced before. They ridiculed me and kept reminding me that it didn’t take much confidence to work the sheep. Their insults were unmerciful but I guess that’s what the youngest always expects.

I’ve got to tell you that they were the ones most surprised when I hit it big. Yeah, everyone’s heard about. It was one giant of deal. No one thought I could pull it off but I just kept remembering what my Friend said years ago out in the fields, “Listen to me, trust me.” Honestly, it appeared a lot bigger deal to every one else. I guess it looked so big it scared the rest of them away… that’s why no one else wanted to risk everything. Why did I choose to risk it all? Who knows, maybe just young and confident. All I know is that I was just a stones throw away and I thought I would give it shot. It just took one. Once the first deal fell…I mean that deal dropped like a rock. From there it was clear sailing for a while. I tell you this, I didn’t have any trouble finding dates after that first corporate takeover. It may sound ruthless but when you in the heat of battle the only way to come out alive is to be aggressive. You cut the head off your competition and there’s not much life left em. Do me a favor, next time you pass the front door just double check and see I have someone waiting for me or at least see if they have left a message. Thanks buddy. (David opens brief case and notices his Bible and takes it from the case and just casually thumbing through the pages prior to being interrupted by the waiter’s return.)

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