Summary: No one can guide your life better than the Person, Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit. This sermon focuses on how to allow the Holy Spirit to guide your life.

Scripture: John 16:5-15

Theme: Holy Spirit

Title: Supreme Guide Master – The Holy Spirit


Grace and peace from God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

I want to talk to you today about making decisions. In particular, I want to talk to you about some ways to make the best decisions and choices for your life. All of us have to make choices:

+Where will I live? +Who will I spend my life with?

+Where will I work? + What school will I attend?

+Should I go into debt? +Should I become a parent?

Making decisions is not just for the young. All throughout our lives, we will find ourselves having to make some life altering decisions.

+What should I do now that the children have gone?

+How do I live after my loved one is gone?

+How do I live after my divorce?

+Is it time to get a new job?

+When should I retire?

Those are just a few of the hundreds of questions and decisions that we have to make during our lifetimes. And if you are like me you need some help making those right decisions and choosing the right path.

This morning I want to share with you the person that promises us that He will help us find the right answers and the right paths to walk in this life. Jesus testifies of Him in John 17:13:

“When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak of His own but will tell you what He has heard. He will tell you about the future.”

There is a great deal packed in that one little verse. But the essence of it is simply this: The Holy Spirit wants be our Supreme Guide in our lives. The Holy Spirit will help make the right decisions and follow the right path if we will allow Him.

Let’s see exactly what all of this means:

1. The Holy Spirit will Guide us to the Absolute Truth

In other words the Holy Spirit will tell us what is most important in this life. And the most important thing begins and ends with Jesus Christ.

The Absolute and Foundational truth that any of us human being can ever come to understand and comprehend is this:

+Jesus Christ is Savior and LORD of all – there is no other Savior or Lord – there is no one else who can rescue us, redeem us and restore us.

+There is only One Way to the Father – and that is Jesus Christ

+There is only One Way to Everlasting Life – and that is through Jesus Christ

There is no other decision that we will make in this life that is more important than to make Jesus Christ our Savior and LORD.

When you build a life you need a solid foundation. And there is no more solid foundation than a life built on Jesus Christ. Without Jesus you might be able to achieve a great many things that look good to the world but it will all be for nothing. Without Jesus there is no everlasting joy, peace and future. Without Jesus there is only everlasting pain and loneliness. Without Jesus there is only Hell.

It is just that plain and simple. Without Jesus there is only Hell.

Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus is the Redeemer. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus can set us free from sin, depression, loneliness and everlasting death.

So, before we look at anything at all, we need to fully understand that everything that will enable us to live a Victorious Life begins and ends in our relationship with Jesus. The Holy Spirit wants be our Supreme Guide but in order for Him to be that Supreme Guide, we must accept Jesus Christ as Savior and LORD of our lives.

II. Secondly, we need to understand that the Holy Spirit will always guide us away from Sin

The reason the Holy Spirit will lead us away from sin is that sin is so dangerous. In fact, there is nothing more dangerous to us making the right decisions than sin. Sin brings chaos, confusion and will always lead us down the path of disaster and destruction. Sin is anti-God; it is anti-Christ and it is anti-Holy Spirit.

Think back to the Garden of Eden. The Garden was perfect. The soil in the ground was perfect. The animals, the trees, the birds and the creatures that lived in the waters were perfect. Adam and Eve were perfect. Their relationship was perfect. Everything was perfect.

There was no sickness or disease. There was no death. There was no greed nor violence. Everything was just perfect. Everything reflected God’s glory and honor. The air was filled with joy, peace and love. The atmosphere in the Garden mirrored the atmosphere in Heaven.

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