Summary: Plugging in to the power of God!!

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Why can’t some receive an UNCTION from God?

a few year a go some one created a surge protector.

It was designed to protect our most precious electronics.

These days there’s at least one in every home.(you would think.)

You simple plug it into the wall,then plug your electronics in to it.

This brings peace of mind that your electronics won’t be destroyed by a power surge.

Let’s bring this to the church.

Instead of plugging in to the fullness of Gods power,ability,might and authority.

we use a surge protector.

We don’t allow fullness,we don’t allow the UNCTION and we don’t allow that surge of power to come from God into these vessels to perform what he would have us to do

We use this surge protecter because we want to protect our reputation, we want to protect our appearance,we don’t want to look or act like them holy-rollers.

So we plug in with a surge protector.We don’t won’t to be loosed in the spirit we would for some reason rather be bound.

Therefor being content in a atmosphere of comfort(lukewarmness) we truly deny Christ by having a form of Godliness denying the power there of.

We don’t allow Christ to be his all an all in us.

So what i am saying is we as the church need to unplug that protective device from our life.

We need to get tapped in plugged in hooked up to the fullness of Christ.

So when that Holy Spirit has an UNCTION we don’t reason it out or use the surge protector to smooth it out.


People try to say:that was then,this is different.

My Bible teaches he is the same today yesterday and forever more.

It’s not his fault if the power don’t come into your life.

Someones doing something wrong maybe this will help you figure out who it is(IT’S NOT GOD).

unplug that surge protector!!

People are getting under the spout where the glory run out with there shower caps and raincoats on.

Then wounder why there not getting saturated by the spirit.

Forsake your self don’t worry(worry is sin any way) so don’t worry what others might think about you.


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