Summary: Keeping Jesus with you in spite of the storm & trusting Him in tough times.

Surviving The Storm With The Storm Calmer

Matthew 14:27-31

In 1987 after beating the Boston Celtics to win the NBA championship Pat Riley during the victory parade guaranteed to the crowd that they would win the championship again next year & they beat the Detroit Pistons in 1988 to win the championship again back to back. But what got to me is the confidence that Pat Riley had in his team & their abilities to win the championship again d that there was no doubt or hesitation in his voice but rather he was bold & confident because of the team that he had with him. Well in this life when storms come, valleys happening, different tests & trials that present themselves I don't rely on Magic Johnson or Kareem Abdul Jabaar but I rely on JESUS. Somebody said that JESUS is on the main line & you can always tell JESUS what's going on because JESUS never has a dying ear, JESUS bis always there to heal the hurt & restore the wounds that have happened in your life. There are some things I may not know & some places I wont go but there is one thing I know for sure & that is that GOD is real & I don't know why things happen & how they will get fixed but what I do know is that GOD is real, GOD is in the midst of it, GOD has it under control, GOD won't put more on me than I can bear & even when the the problem seems impossible to fix GOD always steps in & GOD will see you through, take care of you, bring you out, lead d guide you & hold you up because the help from HIS hills will keep you from falling & keep you from losing your mind but focusing on HIS POWER.

GOD loves & cares for you & does nothing to hurt you but to help & develop you. Like when we go to Barnes & Noble or anyplace that offers free WiFi we take our laptops, kindle fires, iPad, there is audit so we can use the internet or watch a movie but when we leave that place than the WiFi is gone well in the Christian life & did not know what all GOD could do was because I was in the wrong connection area & could not feel HIS LOVE but since I have been walking with GOD there is a long lasting connection that no matter where I go & no matter what I go through that connection that I have with GOD it never fails & never loses its power because the connection with GOD has everlasting peace, strength to survive the storm, a GOD who never sleeps or slumber, a belief that I may be broken but I am still blessed, I may have tears in my eyes but I can still see the goodness of GOD & HE will wipe the tears away, I may not be rich materially but I am rich spirituality because everything in the world belongs to GOD so I don't have to get down or discouraged but keep my trust in GOD knowing what GOD has for me is for me & HE will BLESS me with it when HE gets ready & sees to it.

In verses 22-26 JESUS speaks to the disciples & tells them to go over to the other side just like in Mark 4 JESUS said let's go over to the other side & living for GOD you will encounter storms & don't let the gospel of prosperity fool you in thinking you want but you will go through a storm but you will be the better for it because the more pain you experience the more you appreciate & get closer to GOD because HE does not turn HIS back on you but keeps you alive & clothed in your right mind if JESUS endured a storm than don't think you want endure a storm but in spite of what you deal with HIS Grace is still amazing & sufficient. JESUS starts to walk on the water & the disciples were troubled & losing their mind & sometimes when you see something that is unrecognizable & a storm comes catches you off guard it can get to you or shock you but if you know who your GOD is than you know that HIS plan won't deny but they will deliver. Because they were scared when they saw the ghost & forget that JESUS was with them & don't let any current circumstance keep you down that you can't call out to that power that can make a way out of no way because JESUS will show you a miracle when you have real faith when enduring a storm.

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