Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: In part 2 of this series, we look at the high priest of the tabernacle.


PART TWO: The High Priest

Exodus 28:1

As God began to give instruction for the tabernacle, he also gave instruction for a high priest. Someone had to do the work in the tabernacle, and it could not just be anyone. It had to be a person set apart by God, called to this ministry. So God chose Aaron and his sons.

As it came time to begin tabernacle worship, God told Moses to get Aaron and his sons and stand them in front of the tabernacle door. While there, and all the people looking on, he did the induction ceremony, and thus Aaron was officially the 1st high priest. His main purpose would simply be to become the middle man between God and his people.

The 1st thing he did was wash them with water

This was to exemplify a clean life before the Lord. Then as well as now, you can not serve God with filth in your life.

The 2nd thing he did was put the priestly garments on Aaron

These garments were very eloquent garments made of precious jewels and fine linens.

(1)Breastplate-golden, with 12 precious stones on it. On the stones were ingraved the names of the 12 tribes of Israel. This was to signify that he must always keep the people on his heart first and formost, if he is going to succeed in the ministry.

The breastplate had golden rings on it, with blue garments to hold it to the ephod. It was never to be removed from the ephod.

(2)Ephod-garment made of gold, blue, purple, and scarlet colors. It had 2 onyx stones fastened on the shoulders, which had the names of the 12 tribes on them. This was to siginify that you must always try to carry the burden of others.

(3)Robe-blue, with golden bells and pomegranates, along with strands of blue, purple, and scarlet.

(4)mitre-a turban, with a golden signet on them, which said holiness to the lord. This was to say, his mind must always stay holy and pure.

(5)girdle-help all of these things together

(6)broided coat-matched his turban

The 3rd thing he did was took the anointing oil.

He anointed 1st the tabernacle and all that was therein, and sanctified them. He sprinkled it on the altar 7 times, and anointed the altar and all its vessels both laver and foot to sanctify them.

THEN he poured of the anointing oil on Aaron to sanctify them.

This simply meant one thing, that the priest was not the only thing to be anointed, but actually the whole body.

As Aaron entered through the door of the tabernacle, he wore all of the attire. But after entering in, he dropped it all and stayed in his linen garments. When he had done his duties, he put the garments back on and went out of the tabernacle.

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