Summary: God is always there with us, even when we suffer.

Scripture: Job 1:1

Title: Take a Chance on Me

Theme: Tests. Did Job really pass? NO. The story of Job isn’t about whether he passed the tests or not, but how he suffered. We all go through tests. God is always there with us with grace.

I grew up listening to this song and when I read the story of Job, I couldn’t help but remember this song. I can just picture Job – a man totally devoted to God and family, telling God: Take a chance on me

Gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie

If you put me to the test, if you let me try

Take a chance on me

Take a chance on me (ABBA – 1977)

Job did all the right things.

• Known as greatest of all the men in the east

• Blessed with 7 sons and 3 daughters

• Offered sacrifices on their behalf

• Blameless, upright, fearing God, turning away from evil

• Sounds like he was living a good life, a moral and pious life

And then…

• Satan accused God of protecting and blessing Job because of his qualities!

• We all know that isn’t true! God doesn’t bless us because of what we do right or because of how we live. God blesses us because God loves us – just like we are.

• But the story goes that God thought that Job could handle whatever Satan would throw his way so God let Job be tested, God allowed the tests.

All in one day…

• Oxen and donkeys stolen and Servants killed

• Sheep and servants burned up in a fire from heaven

• Camels stolen and servants killed

• A great wind destroyed the house that all of his children were in and they all died

What did Job do? VS 20

“Job arose and tore his robe and shave his head (sign of grief) and he fell to the ground and worshipped!”

• Did not blame God, did not sin against or curse God

• Recognized that God gives and God takes away.

But the test didn’t end there…

• God and Satan talk again and God says, “Have you considered my servant Job? He still holds fast to his integrity although you tried to ruin him without cause.”

• Satan said, “Let me touch HIS life ( not just the lives of those around him), his body, his bones and flesh – and then he will curse God!”

• So, boils from his feet to his head appeared.

Wife and friends were no help. They told him to just curse God and get the suffering over with. Death had to be better than all he was going through.

This kind of talk began to get to Job. He cursed the day he was born – wished that he had never been born.

His friends continued to tell him he must have done something wrong or he would not be in this predicament.

Job begins to question his life, and God’s purpose for it.

• He complains.

• He gripes.

• He prays that the God’s rod be removed from Him.

• He questions God and is angry with God! Can’t God see what troubles he’s having?

• He wants to die. His spirit is broken, the grave is ready for him.

• His feelings are really hurt – God has abandoned him after all he did for God. All is against him.

• He takes all that is happening to him personally as he suffers the humiliation of failure for something he has done or not done, before his friends.

While he was in the middle of feeling sorry for himself he acknowledges that God is his redeemer!

He knows that he will see God with his eyes one day. He knows that his honor will be restored. He knows that his wrongs will be vindicated by the God who loves him.

And although it seems that God has abandoned him, he affirms that he will not speak unjustly or deceitfully against God because God is in him!

But then, as if he has forgotten what he just said, he goes on, continuing to question God and continuing in anger with God.

And then God speaks to him.

• Be a man!

• Think about who I am!


• My Omnipresence!

Job begins to see his insignificance in the grand scheme of things – in the big picture…

• Adorn yourself with ME!

• My eminence, my importance, my reputation – act like somebody – like ME!

• My dignity

• My honor

• My majesty

After that, Job repents. You see, Job really did lose his integrity. Even though he may have never cursed God! He did the same thing you and I do when tests come our way in life. We say we know God, we say we are God’s children, but then we begin to question that. Things become about us – our pain, our troubles, our sickness, our decisions to make. And we gripe and complain. Sure, we say that our Redeemer lives, but its as if we don’t really believe it!

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