Summary: This sermon was adapted from a willow creek resource. It looks at the word take and how Christ used the word take to press home the gift of Gods grace.


Take it from me

Take a hike

Take a ride

Take a break

Take a message

Take a letter

Take a hint

Take a bite

Take a chance

Take a hit

Take a punch

Take a shower

Take a bath

Take a breath

Take a deep breath

Take a taxi

Take a bus

Take a boat

Take a train

Just don’t take the M1 North at 5pm

It’ll take just a second

Take a minute

It’ll take a couple of hours

Take a few days

Take a number and que from the left

In that case I’ll take it somewhere else

Take advantage of

Take him to the cleaners

I’d like to take this opportunity

I’ll take you up on that

I could take it or leave it

Take this job and….

Take one

Take two

Take two..disprins and call me in the morning

Take that shot

Take the captain out of the bowling line up

Take the Currie cup from Lofters

Take your man

Take it to her

Take it strong

Take that out of here

Take a time out

Take it to the bank

Take it to the edge

Take that back

No you take it back

You take it back

No you take it back

Let’s take this outside

Hey take it easy

Take it over

Take it away

Take another deep breath

Take it off

Take it all off

Take a look

Take another look

Take a closer look

Take your hands off me, what do you take me for anyway

Take out a loan

Take out a policy

Take out the trash

Take out your frustrations

Take out your girlfriend

Take out or eat in

Please take me home

Take me to your leader

I just want you to take me away

Take your time

Take your feet off the couch

I’ll take that into consideration

Take your feet off the couch

Take that in the kitchen

Take your hands off your brother

Take your finger out of your nose

Take the cat out of the washing machine

Take the dog outside

This is going to take too long

I can’t take this

Take my turn

Don’t take this out on me

They’re coming to take me away

Take a moment

Take a walk

Take a long walk

Take a walk on the wild side

Take a trip

Take a holiday

Take some cash because they don’t take credit cards

Can I take your order?

Take a cheque

Take my place

Do you take this woman?

Do you take this man?

Take this ring

Take our picture

Take a piece of cake

Take a honey moon

Take a lifetime

Take it for granted

Take it to court

Take him to the cleaners

Take your medicine

Take your lunch

Take your books

Take your homework

Take it seriously

Take your exams

Take your pencil and begin

Take the keys

Take the car

Take a shortcut

Take a left

Take a right

Take the second left

Take another right

Take a drink

Take a puff

Take a snort

Take a hit

Take my car

Take a life

Take your life

Take it seriously

Take some time off

Take your day off

Take your hat off

Take your coat off

Take your shirt off

Take a load off

133 times.

Most revolutionary life changing phrases ever uttered all centered on the word take.


For instance: “Take my yolk upon you for my load is easy and my burden is light.” Mt 11:30

Jesus grew up as a carpenter.

Carpenter in those days would not have been much special. In those days he would not have been a handy man or house changing television presenter. Although he later got into extreme makeovers and would specialize in changing lives.

But back then as a carpenter he would have primarily made doors and yoke for oxen. Yoke was a heavy piece of wood that would fit over the shoulders of two oxen so that they could work together and synergize their individual strength. Now that only works if the two oxen worked together in harmony.

Now the way they would train a young ox would be to pair the young ox with the older ox that has learned the ropes so to speak.

Now the young ox would be tempted to pull to the left or to the right, bit the older ox would stay on the right path. Now if the younger ox decided that the pace was too slow and wanted to speed up, all he would get would be a sore neck. And so slowly the young ox begins to realize that his older partner kind of knows how to do this. The pace is right. The direction is true. And so he decides to learn from the one who already knows.

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