3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This is the 8th sermon in the series "God Is Here". Christians need to take back what the enemy has taken from them. Christians are victorious through Jesus Christ and we should live like it.

Series: God Is Here [#8]


Esther 8:1-17


I enjoy singing and playing “Enemy’s Camp”. I had a former church member who would tell me that this song was theologically incorrect. As I thought about it, I wondered why, because to me it’s a song about victory.

“I went to the enemy’s camp and I took back what he stole from.

He’s under my feet, Satan is under my feet.”

The enemy has worked very hard to rob many things from me and at times, he has succeeded. We will find in our text this morning how to take back what the enemy has stolen from us.

Esther 8:1-6 (MSG)

“That same day King Xerxes gave Queen Esther the estate of Haman, archenemy of the Jews. And Mordecai came before the king because Esther had explained their relationship. The king took off his signet ring, which he had taken back from Haman, and gave it to Mordecai. Esther appointed Mordecai over Haman's estate. Then Esther again spoke to the king, falling at his feet, begging with tears to counter the evil of Haman the Agagite and revoke the plan that he had plotted against the Jews. The king extended his gold scepter to Esther. She got to her feet and stood before the king. She said, "If it please the king and he regards me with favor and thinks this is right, and if he has any affection for me at all, let an order be written that cancels the bulletins authorizing the plan of Haman son of Hammedatha the Agagite to annihilate the Jews in all the king's provinces. How can I stand to see this catastrophe wipe out my people? How can I bear to stand by and watch the massacre of my own relatives?"

Take back…

1. My attitude.

When all of this began, it was about Esther. Esther was concerned about saving herself. When she went to King Xerxes unannounced the 1st time, her attitude was, “If I die, then I die.” She did not want to go to the King because the risk was too high. Mordecai had to talk to her and remind her that if the Jews were to be killed, that she would die also. But now, her attitude has changed. Esther had been given Haman’s property and Mordecai was placed 2nd in charge in the Nation. Esther could have been satisfied with this personal victory and lived out her life happy; but instead, she went to the King unannounced again. Now, there was around 2 months’ time that passed between verses 2 and 3. This time she went on behalf of all Jews. She began as a selfish person; but now, she is selfless.

Through difficulties and struggles in your life, you may have allowed the enemy to make you into a selfish person. Is your life all about you and your family? Do you have the attitude of, “Do what you want as long as it doesn’t affect my family or I”? You don’t have to be a selfish person. You can take back your selfless attitude by loving God. In order to love God, you must follow His commands and love others.

The Christian life should not just be about what you get out it. Yes, you will receive your inheritance from God as a Christian. Yes, you will be given authority. Yes, you have the power of the Holy Spirit within you; but your life as a child of God should be about serving others, not about yourself.

Esther 8:7-14 (MSG)

King Xerxes said to Queen Esther and Mordecai the Jew: "I've given Haman's estate to Esther and he's been hanged on the gallows because he attacked the Jews. So go ahead now and write whatever you decide on behalf of the Jews; then seal it with the signet ring." (An order written in the king's name and sealed with his signet ring is irrevocable.) So the king's secretaries were brought in on the twenty-third day of the third month, the month of Sivan, and the order regarding the Jews was written word for word as Mordecai dictated and was addressed to the satraps, governors, and officials of the provinces from India to Ethiopia, 127 provinces in all, to each province in its own script and each people in their own language, including the Jews in their script and language. He wrote under the name of King Xerxes and sealed the order with the royal signet ring; he sent out the bulletins by couriers on horseback, riding the fastest royal steeds bred from the royal stud. The king's order authorized the Jews in every city to arm and defend themselves to the death, killing anyone who threatened them or their women and children, and confiscating for themselves anything owned by their enemies. The day set for this in all King Xerxes' provinces was the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar. The order was posted in public places in each province so everyone could read it, authorizing the Jews to be prepared on that day to avenge themselves on their enemies. The couriers, fired up by the king's order, raced off on their royal horses. At the same time, the order was posted in the palace complex of Susa.

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