Summary: Every thing that God has promised you waits for the claim of faith to take possession.

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Que Sera Sera How many have heard that song? It was a song made popular by Doris Day

There was a Doris Day Show that came on with her beautiful voice singing that song.

Que Sera Sera (It means) Whatever will be will be (The song says (The futures not ours to see Que Sera Sera).

This song expresses the attitude of multitudes of people including a lot of church folks (Only the church folks add God to the equation)

Then it goes something like this: Que Sera Sera (whatever will be will be) Only God knows the future, so we’ll just put our trust in God and whatever he wants us to have we will have.

And if he doesn’t want us to have it, then we won’t get it.

Thousands of people: good people, God loving church going, bible totin people, have died pre-mature deaths.

Multitudes of good saved blood washed, HolyGhost filled believers have lived weak, spiritually anemic lives always in lack, in debt, struggling financially because they have not understood that it doesn’t matter what God has promised or provided, or what is available to you (you have to take it) It will not fall on you like ripe cherries from a tree.

That’s my assignment here today: To stir up in you the Spirit of faith that does not simply sit down waiting on the benevolent blessings of God to fall on you, (but like Caleb armed with the promises of God you will exercise the divine prerogative of faith) and you will place the demand of faith on the promises and boldly say Give me my mountain.

Caleb received his mountain because he exercised his rights according to the promise: Joshua had promised Caleb that when they received their inheritance that Mount Hebron would be his. (But Caleb still had to press his claim).

The same is true for You and I: You can die singing Que Sera Sera (Or you can stand up in your faith armed with the promises of God and press your claim of faith and take it now.

Is there anybody here who wants to take it now?

I want to talk to you today about a right now faith in a right now God, for a right now miracle.

Mary and Martha both had faith in Jesus: They had a (past faith) and a (future faith) or a (yesterday faith and a tomorrow faith).

In other words: They had an (expired faith) and a (not yet faith) but they had no today faith, no right now faith.

Somebody here today like Mary and Martha, you need a miracle, (You need the resurrection power of God to manifest in your behalf.

It may be in: Your finances

Your family

You may need a resurrection in your marriage

It may be your health, You may need the resurrection power of God to drive disease out of your body

It may be mentally or emotionally, You’ve been attacked in your mind or your emotions, a spirit of fear or a spirit of heaviness has been on you.

Or maybe today it’s your children, they’re rebelling against you and against God, and they’re making your life miserable.

One thing is undeniably clear from this text: It doesn’t matter how impossible it may look or feel (all things are possible with God)

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