Summary: Its Gods desire that our soul has rest.

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Matthew 11:29

The same pain that Jesus felt are you willing to feel it if that’s what he wants? Trials will make you stronger if you go through them; I’m not talking about surviving them; I’m talking about going through them with his faith alive and active. When we go through trials with his faith, we are real, and he made us that way because he is real. God is real to whoever put their trust in him; Jesus gives his life, which he chooses not because we walk in the day but because we are lost in the night. Make Jesus Lord of your life, since everything man made with his hand is counterfeit faith, that kind of faith has many evil works in it.

Who are we?

We are all sinners: guilty before God: followers of everything counterfeit: believing everything wrong: rejecting everything right: reprobated, and doing our aims to be seen of men: subject to every evil work. We are temporary; our life is a vapor when it disappears, all the glory with it fades away. Whereas he says it is appointed unto every man that once he dies, its judgment time. We got to die a physical death, as you know because of sin, and because sin has a place in everyman’s’ heart. We are sinners, that’s who we are and nobody is perfect, save one.

Overcoming sin

In order to overcome sin, you must be born again. Until Jesus is invited into our heart, you want be able to overcome sin alone, because we know that sin is disobedience to God. God wants you to stop being that way. If you want to overcome sin, and I know you do. Start by calling Jesus, there is power in that name and know other name whereby to be saved and forgiven of all our wrong doings. To overcome the world, you got to know that you are a sinner, in order for Jesus to give you the power to overcome the world, and the world is not in an agreement with this. You have to turn to the one that overcame it all for us.

Being cursed by God

It is written the strong shall bear the infirmities of the weak; when we do this we are supportive about every good work that they do. We should encourage them: give a helping hand if you can: pray for each other that God will bless them and give them power to lean on the word of God. So that you understand what a curse is for those who trust in each other arms. Most people don’t feel secure unless they have a lot of friends.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes friends that have trusted in each to the point they let their friend move into their home with them. And when their wife or husband is unfaithful, you want to blame the other, but really, you should blame yourself.

Shall a man take fire into his bosom without being burnt; I don’t think it’s possible to play with fire without being burnt. Don’t play with Satan because he doesn’t play fair. Satan comes to steal your marriage; he knows what you like; he knows how to play on your emotions. He knows how to use counterfeit kindness, so you might drop your defense. We are cursed when we trust in the arms of flesh. People get angry at us because we want give them our trust so they can have a position in our life.


When we repent, we are confessing what is already in the world. Sin will take you on a ride; it will maroon on you and abandon you on an island all by yourself. Its God desire that we repent; so that he may forgive us that you might be cleansed from all your habits that made you the way you are. The way you are is no excuse for not giving Jesus your heart, so he can change it. When you think that you are innocent, you are wrong for that: being good and smelling good don’t make you exactable about your make up, you still guilty in God’s eye. Every one of us should repent daily for something, I know I do: why don’t you?

New Beginning

After Jesus has secured a place in your heart, you have to wait on the change that is already in the making. The New Beginning doesn’t come just because you ask Jesus to come into your heart, one Sunday after you in church. That’s the beginning, what you have to do is study his word to show yourself approved unto him. When he approves you, he goes to the next step. This step is when he gives you the power to be a witness

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