Summary: This message reminds us of what happens when the people of God refuses His invitations.

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In our text this morning, Jesus shares one of his many parables with the listening ear. He spoke to them concerning the kingdom of God by comparing the kingdom to a wedding feast. Observe that in the text, there were two kinds of people, the chosen and the invited. The chosen represented the Israel and the invited represented the gentiles. In the text, the chosen are represented as those that were bidden. But the invited are represented as those on the highways, hedges and the backside of life. In fact Luke uses the word, compel. The text makes clear that those that were bidden had promised to attend the occasion. However, when the time came, they were too busy with the cares of life. Thus, the king became wroth, and sent the servants to the hood. In other words, what he was sayings was simply this; "Take These Remaining Invitations Straight to the Hood." The King is spiritually represented as God and the Son as Jesus. It was God who prepared the feast for His Son. To that end we shall look closely at the text.

1. The Feast was a Royal Occasion.

A. The King’s Invitation.

B. A wedding Feast.

C. It was for the son of a king.

2. The Feast was a Prepared Occasion.

A. The guest list was prepared.

B. The time was prepared.

C. The food was prepared.

3. The Chosen Guests Made Light of the Occasion.

A. To one, his farm was more important.

B. To another, his merchandise was more important.

C. To another, a parcel of land was more important.

D. To another, a yoke of oxen was more important.

E. To another, a newly married wife was more important.

4. The King Changed the Guest List.

A. The king’s anger at their disrespectfulness.

B. The King’s anger at their unpreparedness.

C. The King’s anger at their failure to prioritize.

The King’s Resolution. Go to the back of the town and find society’s rejects. In other words, take these invitations down to the hood. Tell Woodie, to come. Tell pretty tony, to come. Tell fast fannie, to come. Tell sweet black, to come. Tell Dog en’em, to come. Tell Ned the wino, to come. Tell short dog, to come. Tell one leg Larry, to come. Tell wheel chair Willie, to come. Tell short dress Darla, to come. Tell hot pants Paula, to come. Tell sexy slim, to come. Tell the sugar-daddies at the hole in the wall, to come. If any body asked, Tell them the King said; "Whosoever will, let them come!"

Conclusion: Who among us this morning, is willing to take these invitations straight to the hood?

May God Bless and Keep You

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

Hahnville, La. 70057

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