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Summary: getting out of the boat is where all the action is... it is also where all things of purpose in our lives happens.

Taking a risk

Matthew 14:22-14:36



I want to talk about one of Jesus many miracles.

• The miracle of Jesus and Peter walking on the water.


Can you imagine walking on water?

People love a miracle.

Most people root for the underdog because it would be a miracle if they would win and there is something exciting about experiencing a miracle firsthand, either your own miracle or someone else’s.

1969 Amazing Mets

1980 American Olympic Hockey team beating Russia.

Rudy Ruetttiger/ “Rudy” fighting Irish player making the team.

Michael Oher/ impoverished kid who made it to the NFL and main character in the movie Blindside.

Rocky Balboa/ though by movie 6, you pretty much knew you would somehow win.

The disciples are no different. They followed Jesus, experienced miracles first hand and yet they still struggled like you and I in their daily walk. (They were human) gives us hope that a loving God gives second chances and has mercy and Grace.

There are some people- I am sure it is not anyone of us here today, that would never take a risk and believes that anyone who does take a risk is foolish and reckless. I am here to tell you that the disciples must have been reckless and foolish.

They risked everything to follow Jesus.

They left home and jobs to follow Jesus.

They left comfort for the unknown. (I know that scares some of you to death)

Let’s read the text and then I’ll set it up and you can knock it down.

Matthew 14:22-14:33

Jesus is in full swing of his earthly ministry and his disciples have witnessed Him do some amazing things!

Jesus had just feed 5ooo people not counting women and children.

What was happening is the Jews were looking for Jesus to be their earthly king and Jesus probably sensed the disciples would be caught up in all the enthusiasm and they would do something that would hinder the work of the kingdom.

Scripture verse (22)-Jesus made them to get into the boat and go ahead of Jesus.

The original Greek implies Jesus compels them to go- that was more than a suggestion.

You have to look and observe the text here- after the disciples left the area by boat, Jesus went up on the mountain to pray.

Jesus interceding for the disciples as they traveled across the lake.

Storm comes up (which was not uncommon)

It must have been more than they were used too.

Gospel of Mark chapter 6 says that Jesus saw them “straining at the oars”

Let’s stop there a minute-

I. Jesus sees us when we are struggling (Write down)

Jesus went to pray (interceding for them) and He sees them struggling to get across.

Jesus had sent them across- so this did not catch Jesus by surprise.

Storms are sometimes a way that Jesus gets our attention.

It is a way for us to get our priorities in the right order.


Have you ever been on a charter fishing boat?

The waters can get a little rough but there is a crew that handles everything that is needed to do.

I am not talking about a little wave because a small boat has passed you, I am talking swells that take the boat up and down, fishing lines tangle and the crew keeps the boat from going sideways in the swells because it could sink.

I fished Lake Michigan in a charter boat when I lived in Milwaukee- no one would believe that a lake had swells big enough to sink big massive cargo ships but it has happen. The waves are so severe swells can be as bad as ocean waves.

Thank God I was not out there when that happened because you all know how much I love roller coasters, I cannot comprehend that- I think my heart would just stop.

Jesus saw them- This doesn’t catch Him by surprise

They say there are no atheist in a foxhole.

I bet a lot of prayers are offered up to God when we are at the height of desperation and need.

You know that is true! Because you have done it. I have done it.

Burt Reynolds in a movie stranded out in the ocean and is swimming back. I will live the Ten Commandments-thou shall not kill, thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not… I will learn the Ten Commandments. I will give 50 % back to you, I am talking gross. No one gives 50% Lord. I want to live… I see land…I think I am going to make it. Thank you Lord. I promise to give 10 %. I know I said 50%, but let’s start with 10 %.

Sometimes we find God in a storm-

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