Summary: Our application is to take Jesus at His word and obey it … period. This is why the Gospel of John is given to new believers … to teach and it is the same reason it is convicting to learned believers … it instructs us to be like Christ.

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Taking Jesus at His Word

John 4:43-54


- The gospel of John screams of the faith that we should have in Christ

-- It is the clearest example of living life FOR the one who redeemed you and I

- Our focus must always be on what Christ offers, and what Christ has done

-- We never see JTB fall into the desire to be recognized – which we cannot either

- Interestingly enough, Mike has preached the first half of John 4 already

-- I believe his message on this was right on, so I’d like to not re-preach it

- So, tonight we will see what our faith should look like: in real application

- Read John 4:43-54 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – A Desperate Plea

- John is always one to show how others faith is strengthened

-- In our belief, we too should get stronger in our faith and desire more each day

-- Tonight’s lesson focuses on this very principle and how to apply it

- Jesus has spent two days in Samaria, teaching and offering salvation to all

-- And now, they have headed north to Galilee - toward Nazareth

-- Notice that Jesus as indicated that a prophet has no honor in own town (v44)

- APP: This lends to everyone knowing who you are, and having a fix on you

-- They know what you’ve done, and the truth of someone changing is illogical

-- So, even Jesus knows that in his own town people do not believe in Him

- On his way, he encounters a man desperate for a cure for his son (v46)

-- Parents: what would you do for your children if a “healer” was in town?

-- Even outside of this being Jesus, I think we would all do whatever it took

- This man that Jesus encounters has some authority in the region

-- But even in his position, he seeks out Jesus to help his child who’s suffering

-- The NIV uses the word “beg”, and this is quite literally the intent

-- He repeatedly insisted and plead with Jesus to help his child

- Jesus’s response, no doubt would’ve shocked all who were in earshot

-- He is not replying directly to the official, but to all in the area listening

-- Re: Many people would’ve been following and listening/watching (v48)

- What we must remember is that faith built only on wonders is not faith

-- APP: If all our faith was in miracles, and miracles didn’t happen, what then?

-- Jesus is accusing many of only believing because of the things He has done

-- Faith is more than that; it is day to day even in the mundane and the ordinary

- Once again the official pleas with Jesus for help (v49) and He answers (v50)

-- Now, we need to look at this verse to ensure we understand what it means

∆ Point 2 – What does “go” mean?

- Jesus was not telling him to GO like we would think (depart from me, etc.)

-- Why? If had just left, he would think his one chance for help is being left

-- Re: he has come to Jesus for healing, but there is more to his own faith

- What Jesus was doing was affirming his faith; that his faith had healed

-- The word GO is imperative; but what Jesus is saying is “be on your way”

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