Summary: The church is YOUR church family. Not just God’ s church, not just pastor’s church, but your church as individuals.

What are we aiming for?

Taking ownership of the church

Part 4

A. Today this church is no longer…

Only God’s church

Pastor Rich’s church

Today this church becomes your church

Today you become responsible for her health and vitality. From here on out, you become responsible for its success or its failures.

B. You are being offered something no one hardly ever offered, the opportunity, the chance to have a church that you would like.

1. No one will ever offer you this chance.

I spent my whole life, running into the walls of the churches I grew up in.

2. You make her the BESTEST CHURCH EVER! She belongs to you.

She needs you,

your help,

your support,

your prayers

your finances.

3. You are her hands, her feet, her heart. This church in now a part of you.

C. You must be a good steward of this opportunity and ministry

1 Cor 4:2- It is required that a steward be counted faithful

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