Summary: Do you ever wonder if you are taking advantage of all that God has for you? for your church?

Taking Possession of all that God has for you

Joshua 1

Moses’ vision for the Promised Land was not fulfilled in Moses’ time. God gave him clear eye sight to see into the future, but he didn’t get to participate in the final vision (Deu. 34:1, 7).

To see the vision is one thing but to live the vision is another. We have been called to live out the vision.

the death of Moses/vacuum of leadership

God always fills the gap of leaders who pass off the scene

God speaks to Joshua/God speaks 2U

how is He speaking to you?

Timing of God’s voice; “now that Moses is dead”

God prepared Joshua via Moses; how is God preparing you?

you must lead my people into the land that I am giving them

Of the 300.000 square miles God promised them they only took 30,000 (during the conquest of Joshua)

I promise where ever you go you will be on ground that I have provided for you

you can’t overstep my hand of blessing says God

God gives them specifics about His blessings for them

no one can stand against you

no one a match for the person in God’s will

I will be with you as I was with Moses

God’s presence is the key to His power

I will not fail or abandon you

v. 6 possess ALL THE LAND not just some

What does it mean to take possession of all that God wants for you?

Joshua and Caleb wanted to possess the Land but they were outnumbered by the spies who didn’t want to follow God’s leading.

It is likely that we will miss out on what God has for us if we are not careful to possess the land.


Josh was 80 years old leading the obstinate Israelis who were not used to

fighting. After all, they were slaves just years before. Joshua needed God’s strength.


12 spies (10bad2good), the 10 bad spies saw themselves as grasshoppers compared to the giants of the Land and the walls of the cities.

No one said it was going to be easy for you to accomplish what God has for you.


This is the key to the whole passage

Reuben, Gad, half the tribe of Mannaseh told Joshua that they would be obedient to do all that God was asking of them (v. 16)

They said this with emphasis. They said the same thing as God; there is power in that. Not just saying it, though, but doing it.

Here are some application questions from this passage

What vision for your life do you see on the horizon?

For your church?

In what ways is God asking you to be strong?

In what ways is God asking you to Be courageous?

In what ways is God asking you to Be obedient?

Joshua stepped up to lead Israel; What church ministry do you see yourself getting more involved in?

Joshua had Moses as a mentor; who do you see as your mentor?

God promises to be with you as you implement His vision for your life. What does that mean to you?

Pastor Vinnie Cappetta, PhD

Crossroads Community Church

Framingham MA

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