Summary: A positive attitude enables a man to break new and higher grounds and position himself where he wants to be. A negative attitude makes one to rot in a place with the spirit of complaining and despair rule.

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NUMBER 23:19

Many are not able to achieve success and greatness in all of life endeavors because of the

several barriers before them. People talk about breakthroughs showing that there are forces and

things limiting them, so they want the mighty power of God to break the limiting barriers before

them. The truth is that most of the barriers are manmade. They are invisible walls that we

through negative thoughts have built in our minds that limit and stop us from taking positive and

powerful steps that will bring success and accomplishments. Negative thoughts build barriers

that limit the thinker. You cannot go higher than your thoughts will permit you. You cannot be

greater than what you think and believe you can. Jesus taught that all things are possible to him

that believes that it is possible.

Mark 9:23

23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. KJV

This shows that man is always limited by his thoughts. If a man will not believe a thing is

possible, it means he can’t do it or attain it. If you will not believe you will be healed, it doesn’t

matter who prays for you, you won’t be healed. If you don’t believe the money you are looking

for will come by God’s intervention, it won’t come. If you do not believe that the project you are

handling will be completed according to the original plan simply because there is a shortage of

funds, it will be as you think. If you do not believe you can come out of lack and poverty, you

will remain in that condition. If you do not believe you can be great though you came from a

poor family and no one in your family has ever made it to the top or attained greatness, you will

remain small, insignificant, poor, and a non-achiever. If you do not believe you can forgive the

one who has hurt you and move on with your life, you will continue to be tormented by the

experience. If you do not believe you can overcome depression and enjoy your life, you will

remain depressed all your life. If you do not believe that you will be promoted and continue to

climb the ladder of success, you will remain on that spot. The truth is that every man is limited

by his thoughts and beliefs. That is why is it is important that all have their minds renewed

through the words of God and believe what it says and teaches.

Your thoughts limit the resources that will be made available to you. Your thoughts limit the

grace of God in your life. Your thoughts limit what the anointing of God can do in your life no

matter who ministers to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your thoughts limit what God

can do for you or with you. God responds to our thoughts and He judges us by what He finds us

thinking. Your thoughts prove faith or unbelief, and God responds only to faith. If your thoughts

are positive, God will definitely bless and keep His promises in your life.

Prov 23:7

7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…KJV

Heb 11:6

6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he

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