Summary: This Message deals with Gluttony. It is the seventh message in the Seven Deadly Sins Series.

Proverbs 20:1 (NKJV)

20 Wine is a mocker, Strong drink is a brawler,

And whoever is led astray by it is not wise.

The Bible describes this style of living as wanton living, living in the land of excess.

We are that type of people; enough is never enough.

Gluttony is taking more into the body than what is needed.

There are people that eat to live and those that live to eat.

When was the last time that you fasted, most don’t because they love to eat.

It was spoken this last week that we have lost what the prophets and apostles had, such as healing and miracles, Jesus said that these signs shall follow them the believe.

We have lost the way because our god has become our belly, our want and desire has been the table.

Some of us are so bad that we say things like “what are we having for dinner?,” right after breakfast.

Just like blind spots in an automobile, so are there distractions many of which can be fatal. We just don’t see them coming.

Overindulging in too much food or drink can be no different than the prodigal son, or Belshazzar who was eating and drink to his own death.

All because of strong desires to consume.

To the glutton, eating and drinking are more important than strengthening family relationships, sleeping, working, playing, or serving God.

There is no discipline in the life of a Glutton.

The addition to sugar, alcohol, fat, or any substance that is taken into the body becomes the focus of life.

Our Nation has a problem with it, which in turn is leaking into the church.

Over 7 million people in the U.S. are classified as severely Obese, 13 million are Obese, and 80 million are over-weight. That is over 1/3rd of our population. There are 264 million Americans.

Reports have showed that only 10 percent of those have a related medical problem, such as a bad thyroid.

The other 90 percent are over-weight because they eat too much and obese because they chose to be.

Gluttony is not something that we can hide it is out there for the entire world to see.

Do you realize that the calorie intake on average for all of the countries in the world (excluding the U.S.) is about 436 calories per day!

The average American eats 3,576 calories per day!

Sugar, the average American eats 129 pounds per year, the average teenager eats 400 lbs of sugar per year.

Americans eat 52 teaspoons of fat and 6 to 7 teaspoons of salt per day. You mix those two in a bowl together and you will have a tough time getting the spoon out of the mixture.

I laugh sometimes at us when we sit down to a meal that has a super deluxe nachos, to get us ready to eat the real food coming such as a country fried steak, with gravy, biscuits, a loaded baked potato, finished off with a piece of pie, and we have the audacity to say “Let us pray and ask God to bless it for us.” Then we throw away the leftovers.

Like most of the other fatal mistakes in the 7 deadly sins, this has land mines that will blow up in our face.

Some of us eat or drink to forget a problem, or eat to relieve stress. Some eat because they have nothing else to do, they are just bored.

Well, it is about time that we get a handle on the glutton in our lives.

Remember you cannot hide it, so defeat it.

It doesn’t just have to be the obese person that can be gluttons, it can be thin people too.

Gluttony is turning to food for comfort, recreation, satisfaction, rather than turning to the Lord who supplies all of our needs.

Gluttony is more than just about food, what about those that are the exercise junkies, just can’t get enough of the gym. What about those who suffer from bulimia, or anorexia?

Excessive dieting is the opposite of Gluttony. Compulsive dieters are just as concerned about food as those who are gluttons.

Listen, Gluttony is the sin of being preoccupied with food in whatever state.

The Roman world was filled with gluttons, people would fill there bellies and then go throw up just so they could continue eating more.

They were totally submerged in self-gratification.

Why is Gluttony a sin?

We live in a culture that says, “Try this, you can’t eat just one! Here, eat the whole bag its o.k..

What we see we want, and we get it too.

Paul had wrote to timothy about a man named Demas, saying that Demas had forsaken him “having loved this present world”

(2 Ttimothy 4:10).

The glutton only sees what is before him, not the big picture of eternity.

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