Summary: God has given us choices but how we choose determines the destination

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Sermon Tale of 2 Men

Luke 16:19-23

I. The Great Contrast – Heaven or Hell

a. Cain/Abel

b. Jacob/Esau

c. House 1 built on Rock other sand

d. Rich man and beggar

II. The Great Controversy – Is there an eternal Hell of Torment

a. Hell Could Not be the Grave

i. Richman – Lifted up his eyes – He saw, he cried, he heard, he remembered

ii. Hell – Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, Tartaros

b. God has used fire to punish sinners; will do so again

i. Sodom and Gomorrah

ii. Nadab and Abihu

iii. Numbers 11:1

iv. Numbers 16:35

III. The Great Concern – Lost Brothers

a. If men will not listen to God’s Word – They will not repent

b. Many of us Care about your lost soul

c. How long is Eternity

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