6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: At first glance the story seems to be about two schemers, but it is really about faith and GOd’s sovereignty.

Genesis 30:25-43

October 5, 2003

Stories have layers. Sometimes you get one picture from the face value of the story. Yet at the same time you can get a different picture if you dig a little deeper.

For example, a few weeks ago Pastor Josh gave one picture of the VBS in Wallaceburg. However, there was another level of interaction going on.

The Face Value Story

a. The contract between the two schemers 25-34

25-26 Jacob wants out

27-28 Divination - Laban is the only one who can’t see with his own eyes that Jacob is the reason for the blessing.

Name your wages - warning that he plans to cheat

29-34 - the deal - take away all the speckled and spotted and then I get any future animals of those colours

b. The Contest between the two schemers 35-43

Laban take away the potential - and puts three days between them


Jacob’s schemes 37-43

The point

Genesis 31:10-13; 38-42

Jacob’s faith

God’s sovereignty

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