Summary: A close look at the revolution of repentance and the wonder of forgiveness.


A little boy was not exactly happy about going to church on Easter Sunday morning. His new shoes hurt, his tie pinched his neck, and the weather outside was just too good to be cooped up inside. As he sulked in the back seat of the family car, he complained to his parents: “I don’t see why we have to go to church on Easter anyway.

They keep telling the same old story, and it always comes out the same in the end.”

So lets be honest. If you are a Christian you have heard what the Lord is about to give us before. In fact if you are just visiting here today and you very rarely go to Church, you have probably also heard what we are about to talk about. It’s the same old story.


You may be here as a friend of Greg’s and you have just come along because its like the thing a friend comes to church for and so you are sitting there saying… please can this guy just wrap it up so we can get done…I have heard this before, like when I went to my last mates funeral or wedding or at Christmas when I had to the family thing at Mom and Dads church….

I came well kind of for no other reason than I have tried everything else in my life to find some sense of why I am here and despite some pretty huge reservations on some level, I kind of want to see where this Christian thing goes. Other people know about me being a Christian.

Finally – long term Christian. I know about the guy that died for me and I am here well because that’s what we Christians do, we come to Church on Sunday…Its what we always do. It’s the same old…


Well if you came to hear the same old…good because this morning we are going to hear it again.

Perhaps this time, if you have not as yet actually clicked that the Lord is trying to tell you something, you may just get the gist of what it is he is trying to tell you.

But maybe, and this is what I am praying for, maybe, you wont see it as the same old. Maybe you will hear something this morning that will change your life.

Uh oh now that’s something I have heard before – Christ will change my life…

Ok lets use a better word. Christ does not just change I want to say to you this morning that Christ revolutionises. Christ will revolutionise your life.


At school – final student newspaper, it carried an article – Where Will They Be. Look at matrics at what they would most likely be doing in 10 years.

Craig Smee – most likely to be arrested in a political revolution.

Well I am wrapped up in a revolution. And this morning I wanted to share it with you.


American Patriot, Patrick Henry, speaking of a revolution said "Give me liberty or give me death!".

Black Nationalist, Malcolm X speaking of a social revolution said that he intended create the equality revolutions, "By Any Means Necessary!"

Great humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, also speaking on a social revolution, said "I have a dream… that one day all God’s children, black men and white men…"

James Brown, recorded a single entitled "King Heroin" back in the early 70’s, speaking on the revolution against drug addiction, he said, breaking the habit, "is a revolution of the mind, get your mind together…"


Gil Scott Herring said in a revolution rally said, "You will not to stay home brothers.

You will not be able to turn on, tune in, and cop out because the revolution will not be televised brother”.

The President of the most powerful nation in the world - George W. Bush, said, "I will not stand by, as peril draws closer and closer…" This "War on Terrorism" is a revolution.”


Well from these quotes it seems pretty big. I mean you may be thinking about things like the French Revolution.

You may be thinking of the Industrial Revolution.

Revolution is big change.

Change in thinking. Change in how you do things. Change in almost everything you were doing before. Revolution

Revolution is a complete turn around. It means a complete change.


So revolution means change. So when I say Christ will revolutionise your life, can we just for the moment leave it as he will change your life. I know you may have heard that before and be hiding your yawn, but can we just hang on to it for the moment?

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