Summary: What is the attitude that one should have when talking about the Church today?


On talking about present day church conditions

Christianity is an ocean and the word "church" is a very loose word today that is synonymous with many "Sunday clubs" There is a lot of talk about church conditions today. A lot of talk about Christians. Who are these people who make up the church? They are the elect , the chosen of God Almighty. They are a body prepared for a habitation for the Living God. They are the ones washed in the blood of the Lamb, born again and now one with the Lord. Now, I think you know what and whom I mean by the Church.

Be careful of what you say about the Church of Jesus Christ. If there is something drastically wrong with a large company or a conglomerate, we would immediately ask, "Who are the directors of this outfit ? Who is the CEO of this organisation? The fellow ought to be removed from his post. He ought to be replaced. He is not fit to run this show."

Something wrong with the Church? Dare to talk about its CEO? If you have the nerve to talk against Jesus Christ, then go ahead and say what you want about the Church. Christ is the Head, the Chief Executive of this glorious body , the most powerful body on the face of this earth.

When a young Christian, I soon saw many things about the church. I said, "Oh! The church is like this and the church is like that. I cant understand so many things that are taking place within the church." I continued this way for many months.

One day when I was standing in the market place waiting for my wife to finish her shopping, the heavens above opened and I heard a stern voice thunder, "You are not the Head of the Church." I trembled on hearing this voice. Immediately the Holy Spirit explained, "It is the work of the head to know and understand all things. You do what you are told to do."

Look at it this way. The Great One said, " I will build my Church". What do you think He has been doing all these years? Has He been sleeping? Has he been ineffective? Has He made mistakes in building His Church? Is He inefficient? Do you think the Chief does not know His job? It is we who have not understood our place and fulfilled our role.

Christian Brother, if someone were to talk ill about the appearance of your wife how would you like it and what would be your reaction ? Be careful when you talk about the elect who are going to be the holy bride of Him whose eyes are presently like a

flame of fire.

But there are so many things that are wrong with the churches you say. Should not somebody do something about it you ask You just take it to the Lord in prayer and wait there if you are really so concerned. God chastises those whom He loves and He has set His ministers in the Church. He is walking in the midst of the churches, beholding all things.

Only those who have the Christ ordained authority to correct have the right to talk about church conditions. But such are not doing their job you say. Firstly, make sure that you are sitting in a place where the ministers of God, exhort, rebuke, admonish and give instruction with all long suffering. Then take the matter to the Head of the Church who is also your Lord and your Master.

It is a temptation for young Christians, lukewarm and backsliding bench warmers, large tithers and givers, influential business folk, over articulate folks with swollen heads and gifted administrators to talk about the woes of the Church like a seasoned apostle. It is a tendency for some who have given prophetic utterances to take on the role of a prophet of God. Don’t you do that - unless you are prepared to go through the travails that go into the making of such officers. For the Church is built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets with Jesus Christ Himself, being the Chief Cornerstone.

The next time you hear someone talking about this church or that church, say, "Let’s talk about Jesus !" Don’t meddle with things over which Christ has not given you the authority. He knows His job. Just make sure you are doing your part. Look at Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith and so run the race and fight the good fight of faith.

Christ the Royal Master leads against the foe

Forward into battle, see His banners go.

Like a mighty army moves the Church of God

Brothers, we are treading were the saints have trod.

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