Summary: Learn about your spiritual gifts and where you fit in.

Title: “Where Do You Fit In”?

Text: Romans 12:6-10

Tonight we are going to be looking at the Motivational Gift of a Teacher. I said in the past that when you were Born as a Newborn Baby that God placed certain Talents & Gifts within you.

-This baby is going to be a Scientist.

-This baby is going to be a Mechanic.

-This baby isn’t Mechanical at All.

-This little girl is going to be a Nurse.

-But this one can’t stand Blood at all.


I told you that the Most Natural Person is the Most Spiritual Person. When you were Born Again, God placed certain Gifts within you, so you could be a blessing to the Body of Christ.

-God gave you gifts to use for Him.

-You will be held accountable…….

-The Body of Christ needs You.

-Every Part is Important.

-Every Part has a Certain Function.

1. The Prophetic Insight Person--John the Baptist.


-They are very Frank.

-They see you as you really are.

-They see beyond the Mask that we Wear.

-They love you enough to Confront You.

2. The Server or Minister--------Martha.

-They see things that need to be done.

-They love to help others.

-They get a delight out of Serving.

-They can get upset when others don’t see the need!

-They show their love in a Practical Way.

-They show their love by Serving.


Do you remember when you were a child & you were sick? Your parents would take you to the Dr. & within a few moments the Dr. could tell you what the Problem was in just a few moments.

The reason he could do this is because he had a Profile.

-This is the Signs of this.

-This is the Signs of that.

Tonight we are going to be looking at the Profile of a Teacher. A degree alone doesn’t mean that someone is going to be a great Teacher.


-Some are called to Teach Children.

-Some are called to Teach Adults.

I don’t want you to just identify your gifting over the next few weeks, but if you say, “This is my Gift”. Then use it for the Glory of God! Don’t be content to set on a pew!

Teacher- The Ability to Impart Knowledge, and

To Lead others in Revealed Truth.

Have you ever set in a class and

Said, “I have never seen that before.”

p. 5

There are people here tonight that are very effective teaching children, but if you put them in front of Adults, they would hate it. But there are those that are great with Adults. If you put them in front of children they wouldn’t be very effective.

Some of the Best Teachers can’t Preach & they feel bad because they can’t Preach. But they are great at Expounding the Word of God. Be the Person that God has called you to be!

I. The Profile of a Teacher.


1. They place great emphasis on Facts & the

meaning of Words. Most of the

time they love Statistics.

A word of caution if this might be you.

-Regardless of your great knowledge.

-Regardless of your great Grasp of Words.

-Regardless of all of your Statistics.

-Be careful that you aren’t Boreing.

-Don’t put them to Sleep with Facts.

What gets a Teacher excited maybe doesn’t get everyone else excited & they need to realize that. And they aren’t less spiritual because they aren’t as interested.


2. They Tend to Think that Their Gift is

Fundamental to all the other Gifts.

-They like Knowledge.

-They feel that Knowledge is Power.

-They enjoy digging for Facts.

-They want you to see the Facts.

3. They need to Validate the Truth and will

Test the knowledge of those who Teach.

p. 8

A teacher is someone that you like to have in your class, because if you say, “I would like some information on Faith.” They don’t bring you back a verse or two. But they bring you back several pages on Faith.

4. Teachers won’t receive teaching from just

Anyone. They want to know;

-who are you quoting.

-where did you get your information.

-They are interested in the Facts.

-Sometimes we get all excited in our Preaching.

-And we forget who was swallowed by the Whale.

-Or who built the Ark.

-This bothers the Teacher.


5. They get as much joy in Research as in

Presenting the Facts.

The Teacher usually takes over in the Body of Christ where the Evangelist leaves off. He sees that they are Saved & the Teacher, makes sure that they get the Word in them.

When the Teacher Leaves, then comes the Exhorter. This person wants to see you;

-Apply the Truth.

-He wants to see a change in your Life.

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