Summary: Jesus faced 16 major walls while ministering to the woman at the well!

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Little Walls ...... Big Barriers. ....

By Wade martin Hughes, Sr.

16 Walls Jesus tore down.

Hidden in Bible stories are many neat truths,

let us ponder


OVERCAME every obstacle that the enemy threw up,

I hate throw up, seems this woman was determined to throw up every excuse she could.

Jesus planned on reaching this woman and would not be hindered.

We must identify walls and tear them down.

What can little things do?

In 1871 in Chicago a big city,

there developed a big tragedy.

But it all happened from a bunch of little things.

One little lady was out

milking one little cow early in the morning.

There was one little lamp of oil burning.

One little flickering flame in the little barn.

The cow kicked the little lamp with the little flame burning in it.

The lamp fell over into a little bit of hay in the little stable.

The little fire spread to the next building then to the next building

and we have what is called

the 1871 Great Fire that burned

an area 1 mile wide and 3 miles long.

What if a little fire of God fell on a little dry young person and the fire of God communicates with the next young person and the next thing you know you have a revival burning with the Holy fire of God.

Our text is: John 4:4-42. The Woman at the Well.

I am not going to write this out, I depend on you to read it.

But this is a story that everybody is familiar.

There is a woman and Jesus deliberately takes his journey, he must needs go through Samaria, to reach her.

He needed to go because there was a lady with no hope.

While he was at the well, Jesus met a lady that came to draw water. Jesus said give me the drink.

The woman says how are you, a man, talking to me a woman? And a woman from Samaria?

I am going to show you little walls that almost made a lady miss her experience with Jesus.

1. The wall of tiredness.

Jesus was very tired but he was compelled, it was

very urgent that he go to Sychar, Samaria.

Any person has to watch fatigue for being tired

makes cowards out of great people.

Jesus got so tired, everything drained Him.

There was a little lady named Jael, she was a

little weak woman but she killed the mighty general

Sisera, because he was so tired she nailed his head

to the floor.

So Jesus had to overcome the wall of tiredness.

(vs. 6)

2. The second wall,was timing

and Jesus faced is found in vs. 6. It was the sixth

hour which was between 9 to 12 mid day.

Normal ladies were at home doing their work.

They normally went to get their water in the early

morning before the heat of the day.

This woman was a social outcast and she was not

allowed to go when the other women went.

So there was a wall of timing/scheduling that Jesus

had to overcome.

3. vs. 7 - the wall of sexes, there cometh a woman.

Jesus was at the well for water and this was a

woman’s job, not a man’s.

Besides that, in this time frame males never talked

to females in public.

So Jesus had to overcome the wall of gender before

he could effectively win the lost.

Gal. 3:28 says that in Jesus there is no male or

female, nor Jew or Greek.


That is found in vs. 9. Jesus was a Jew - the lady

was a Samaritan.

This would be like Catholic vs. Protestant,

black vs. white,

cowboy vs. Indian,

rich vs. poor,

teacher vs. student,

preacher vs. members.

There should be no walls of separation between

God’s people where we might be a little bit


We must tear the wall down.

5. The fifth wall is the wall of ignorance.

It is found in vs. 10. If thou knew.

This lady never knew the real whole total truth.

Her religion involved superstition based on


And we all know that ignorance breeds ignorance.

2 Timothy 3:5, Matthew 22:29 says you do err because

you don’t know the scriptures. We must tear down the

walls of ignorance. Remember the stupid argument of

ignorance of whose wife will she be in the Judgment


6. The wall of physical limits,

vs. 11. Sir, thou hast nothing to draw water

with ....the limitation is the well is deep.

Physical limitations are but doorways and

opportunities towards the work of God.

7. The seventh wall that Jesus had to tear down

was the wall of authority, is found in vs. 12.

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