Summary: What could bring Jesus to tears? Jesus wept at Lazarus funeral. Jesus wept as He entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Jesus wept because that great enemy Death was still there plaguing humanity. Only Jesus could defeat this enemy. Still Death had plans.

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Tears before Triumph

Luke 19:28-47

We are nearly there. Soon the plan of God the Father will have reached its climax in the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

Before sin can be conquered and before death can be defeated there will be many tears.

I’m not just speaking about Good Friday, yes we are coming to that as well but I want to draw your attention to the tears of Jesus that precede Good Friday.

Even before Jesus was whipped and flogged and beaten, even before He was dragged through the streets like a criminal, even before they put nails into His hands and feet there were His tears.

For about three years the disciples have faithfully followed this Jesus. They left their homes and livelihoods to walk across deserts, beaches, farms and city centers to see and hear the Messiah.

They were absolutely convinced that Jesus was the one. Jesus proved it time and time again as He healed people openly. People who were known to have been born with blindness, crippling diseases and ailments of every kind. Jesus had restored hundreds maybe thousands. We cannot be sure of the numbers but it was a multitude of people.

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” John 21:25

What Jesus did was unprecedented in world history. There had never been, nor will there ever be anyone else like Him. Jesus stands alone against the backdrop of human history and He stands out as the key figure of human history. Over a Billion people follow Him today and countless others have followed Him since His arrival on the world’s stage nearly two thousand years ago today.

We follow Him because of who He is and what He represents to humanity and to individuals. Jesus represents and is the way to peace with our Creator God the Father.

No one else in world history holds that distinction. Jesus offered Himself in our place for our sins. Our sins had put a separation between God the Father and ourselves that was so great the Jesus would have to traverse Heaven to Earth to put things right.

Jesus is the full expression of God’s love for us.

Jesus expressed that love by teaching us the truth of God, by showing us the way to peace with God and by becoming the means or instrument of that peace through His own sacrifice on a cross that should have been meant for you and me.

You might ask how all of this affected Jesus.

What did Jesus think about it all?

It brought Him to tears. Not once but several times.

Before the adulation and celebration of Palm Sunday which we recognize here today there were tears before the triumph.

It was only near the end of His ministry that His Disciples saw Him cry. This was a new side of Jesus that they had never seen before. Nothing had brought Jesus to tears before, not the heartbreak of disease, not the insult or rejection of the people, not even the danger or death threats seemed to move Him.

But we see in John 11:35 the shortest verse in the Bible.

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