Summary: Temporal blessings are gift from God, he enables to earn, enjoy. Never be arrogant but be humble. God never hates the rich but the pride and the ungrateful. God adds many blessings to the smart, hard working people. Poverty is not a curse.

Blessings of the Living God

1 Tim 6:17


Paul talks about the salvation, world and other so many problems faced in the Church. Finally, he touched the need of carefulness on the temporal blessings and its perils. No temporal duties can overpower the heavenly duties. Think that many rich became poor and poor became rich.

Temporal Blessings:

• Ps.65:9-10 God enriches the land with water and makes it produce the fruits is goodness of God (Is.30:23 sends rain, Ps.81:16-finest wheat, honey from rock)

• Gen.24:35 God has blessed with wealth, sheep, cattle, silver and Gold, menservants and maidservants, and camels and donkeys.

• 2Sam.6:11-12 God blessed the entire household means the whole family members were blessed with child bearing and other temporal blessings (Ps.128:1-4).

• 1Ki.3:13 God gives wisdom, riches and honour.

• Ex.23:25 takes away the sickness.

• Ps. 68:19 he daily bears our burden

Reasons for the Poverty:

• Lord sends the poverty (I Sam. 2:7).

• Sleep leads to Poverty (Pr.20:13)

• The hasty plans lead to poverty (Pr.21:5)

• The drunkard and the gluttons (Pr.23:21).

At Ephesus Church many were rich. Also rich were powerful, possessed of Gold and high rank in the society. Desire to be rich is root of all evil and errors (1 Tim.6:9-10). Use the riches wisely and generously. God gives richly, plentifully and freely. Doing good is the way of using the richness. Rich people are high-minded, arrogant, but thing they are nearer to heaven. Rich things he needs nothing (Lk.12:16-21). He thinks he is not depended on fellow men or God. Rich in the present world (refers age, time).

Usually rich people caught into:

Self-pride on knowledge, education, physical energy, mental calibre, good job, unexpected opportunities in life makes high-minded.

But add holiness to your riches, job opportunities and all blessings. Do noble works. Trust in God who gives and sustain s for you. He will supply all your needs.

God bless you, Amen.

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