Summary: Our time on earth is short. God has something better is store for us in heaven.

One of my pastors as a young man used this illustration. A guy was asking another guy about his plans for the future. He asked him what are your plans. The guy responded, "I plan on graduating from college and getting a good job." The first guy said, "and then what?" The second guy said, "I’ll probably find a wife, settle down and get married." "And then what?" the first guy asked. This continued as the second guy walked the first guy through his life until they got to his retirement and finally death. The first guy asked, "and then what?" It was obvious that the second guy hadn’t thought THAT far ahead. It reminds us that this life is only a temporary "sitch"

God intends that we establish merely a temporary home on earth. God has His people build Him a temple as a place for His glory to dwell. Even this was a temporary place for His presence. He promised an eternal home that Jesus would go to prepare

Jesus temporary home on earth. He says in John 1:14 that Jesus came and "tabernacled" among us. Reminded the 1st century disciples about their forefathers time in the wilderness waiting for the Promised Land – Jesus promised to go and prepare a place for you.

Our earthly existence is only temporary "sitch." One day we will all go to heaven/hell based upon our relationship with Jesus

Pop culture’s understanding of who goes to heaven – "Titanic", "Ghost", "Defending your Life", etc.

Where are you going to spend eternity? Is that your final answer?

Heaven is only a temporary sitch. God intends to recreate the world once again. In Revelation 21, John talks about the new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven and God making His dwelling with man. Revelation 22 sounds like the Garden of Eden. In Isaiah 11, the prophet speaks about the end of the world in terms of the Garden of Eden.

In the movie, "Return of the King" by JRR Tolkien – King Aragon of Gondor, Froto Bagins, Theodin of Roin all play different Christological parts - explain the suffering servant (Froto), the warrior king (Aragon, Theodin).

Jesus – like Froto, Theodin, and King Aragon – completed His mission, died, and is coming back

The movie "Pay it Forward" - We need to share this Good News with others – build relationships

- Get to know others, listen to them, talk with them, ask questions, do things with them, pray that God open a window of opportunity to share

-2nd and 3rd generation church (Went to Courageous Leadership Conference in Omaha where they talked about creating churches that don’t just reach the 1st generation but the 2nd and 3rd generations as well). It takes a generation of forward thinkers who will be selfless enough to put the needs of their kids and grandkids before their own.

- Pastor challenged us – I challenge you

- Life is a temporary sitch but we can make a huge impact while we are here

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