Summary: As a Christian nation, let us consider the following compeling ten reasons for keeping the Ten Commandments:

“Ten Reasons why we should keep the Ten Commandments”

Introduction: The matter has been brought before our Supreme Court. Will we acknowledge our Creator? Will we honor God by observing this ten commandments?

As a Christian nation, let me give the following compeling ten reasons for keeping the ten commandments:

1. Because God wrote them.

These were not opinions of Moses, these commandments were written on stone tablets by the very finger of God.

2. Because the God who wrote them, has proven his love for us.

God had just proven his existence and his love for the people of Israel by bringing them out of the Land of Egypt. God has proven his love for you at the Cross of Calvery. There is our freedom and hope.

3. Because we do not want to live our lives in bondage.

If we fail to observe God’s commandments, sin will once again enslave us all.

4. Because we need the blessings of God upon our lives.

God said that he would "shew mercy" to all of those who love him and keep his commandments. If our prayer is, "God bless America," we need to heed his commandments.

5. Because there is wisdom and righteousness in all that God has asked us to do.

Many people who want to reject the ten commandments as to be outdated, have never even read them. The heart of God is expressed in the ten commandments. The commandments are reasonable and right!

6. Because God only wants what is best for us.

God had our interest in mind. Each commandment was given to bring betterment to mankind.

7. Because we are to love our children.

It is our children who were bear the reproach of our sin unto the "third and forth generation." Violating the commandments of God is the most unloving thing that we can do to our children, grand children, and great grand children.

8. Because holiness is happiness.

The God who created us, created us to live holy lives. Holiness is happiness.

9. Because it is the one thing that I can do to show the Lord that I love him.

We have a God who can be "pleased." Here are ten things that we can do that will "please" our creator God. The verse says, "If you love me, keep my commandments."

10. Because God will judge us if we do not keep his commandments.

Even if the Supreme Court decides to remove the commandments of God, the God of the ten commandments has said, "I will not hold them guiltless" on the day of judgment. The Books are going ot be opened, anc the ten commandments will be there. God will has not, and will not remove his "ten commandments" from his court room!

Conclusion: Jesus observed and kept every jot and tittle of the law. He is my righteousness. I am not saved by keeping the ten commandments. I am saved by grace. Jesus Christ is my Savior. But the Christ who saved me by his grace, saved me for the purpose of allowing his righteousness to reign in my heart. His ten commandments are forever etched on the walls of my heart!

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