Summary: Mary could have claimed all of the top five reasons given by women who are pregnant to justify their getting an abortion. Thank God that Mary was pro-life

Thank God, Mary Was Pro-Life!

Each year, it is my custom to review the latest data on abortion in our Nation. I do so with the yearning to find some stats that give me a little bit of encouragement, a reason to have hope that our Society is coming to its moral and ethical senses by adopting a Pro-Life stance. I usually conduct my examination in January, but this time I ended-up looking at the information a month early – right at the time when most of Christendom is now occupied with the coming Christmas celebration.

Within my mind, the two subjects (abortion and the Nativity) have merged together and caused me to have stronger feelings about both.

Have you ever thought about the fact that there would be NO Christmas - no Nativity scenes, no beautiful caroling, no spiritual awe and joy and hope and thanksgiving surrounding the birth of the One Who has brought salvation (present and future) to those who embrace Him as Lord and King - .if Mary had made the decision to end her pregnancy by getting an abortion?

When I read the most common reasons given by women (and proponents of abortion) today to justify their decision to end the life of their unborn child, I was struck with the realization that Mary could have offered all of them to justify ending the Life within her, never allowing her child to be born and see the light of day.

Based upon the latest extensive research, the top 5 reasons given to justify getting an abortion are:

1. The pregnant woman is too young or feels unready for a child.

2. The pregnant woman is too poor to support child's needs.

3. The pregnant woman's relationship with her 'significant other' (boyfriend/fiance'/husband) would be strained if not destroyed.

4. The pregnant woman does not want to be an unwed mother.

5. The pregnant woman's dreams and goals would be derailed.

Considering these actual reasons, we can see how that Mary could have given all five of them to 'justify' aborting the child growing in her womb. Mary's circumstances fit with all of the circumstances behind the five reasons.

1. Too Young and Irresponsible.

It is agreed by most scholars that at the time Mary conceived the Christ Child, she was likely in her mid-teens. Today, a girl who is 15-16 years old would be considered too young to handle the responsibility of caring for a baby. Today, a girl of this age would likely be encouraged to consider abortion as a means of avoiding that burden. After all, we do not want 'babies having babies'.

2. Too Poor to Provide for the Child.

We know from the Scriptures that Mary was poor. Luke 2:22-24, tells us that when it was time for Mary to present a sacrifice for her purification following childbirth, she offered two doves or two pigeons in conformity to the Law of Moses. However, the Law of Moses (Leviticus 12:2-8) tells us that the standard offering required for the new mother's purification was actually a lamb and a dove. Only if the woman is poor and, thus, not able to afford a lamb, could she offer as a substitute the two doves or pigeons. Being in poverty, many today would likely tell Mary that it would be irresponsible to give birth to a child to whom she could not provide all the things a child would deserve to have for a good childhood and positive future. Abortion would be a more 'responsible' choice.

3. Negative Impact on Relationships.

We know from the Scriptures that Mary's pregnancy had a huge impact on her relationship with her betrothal husband, Joseph. Joseph naturally thought that Mary's pregnancy was due to her having sex (adultery) with another man and it motivated him to pursue a private divorce. Thankfully, the Lord intervened and told Joseph that Mary had not 'cheated' on him and it would be morally and spiritually acceptable for them both if he went ahead with the planned marriage (Matthew 1:18-25). Before the Lord intervened, Mary's pregnancy destroyed her relationship with Joseph. If it were today and Mary spoke to a typical 'pro-choice' pregnancy counselor about how her pregnancy was greatly straining or damaging her relationship with her 'significant other', there is little doubt that abortion would be suggested as a remedy. When I worked at a Pro-Life pregnancy counseling/medical center, many young women would come and state that they wanted to abort their babies before their boyfriend or fiance' found-out about her being pregnant or wanted an abortion because the birth of the child would harm their current relationship.

4. Avoiding the Stigma of Single Motherhood.

Had Joseph divorced Mary and she would have given birth to her child outside of marriage in the culture and time period in which she lived, she probably would have been severely punished for her immorality or, at the best, carry the stigma of being an unwed mother for many years. Mary could have escaped the consequences of her immorality by getting an early abortion. (1st Century Jewish rabbis were divided in their opinion about abortion and the larger Gentile cities in Galilee had Gentile 'doctors' who routinely performed abortions.)

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