Summary: As a child of God, we have much to be thankful about.

Intro. The lack of thankfulness is the greatest problem of most of our lives. If we were thankful, we would live differently.

Psalms 92:1 "It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High:" The Hebrew word is one that is a synonym of a word that means to stretch out the hand. When we thank God, we stretch out our hands in gratitude to Him. The same word is translated “praise” 53 times. The first time this word is used in the Scriptures is found in our text.

I. The Dejection of Her Home - vs. 16-17

A. The Deficiency - Leah was the Tender Eyed one!

1. Some say it speaks of her sensitivity, that she cried easily, eyes stayed red.

2. Some say it speaks of physical appearance, tender weak eyes would squint.

3. Some say the only beauty she had was in her eyes.

B. The Deceit

1. She was forced to Live in the Shadow of Another.

Rachel was desired, she was not. Jealousy, hurt, rejection, all were a part of her life.

2. She was forced to Live in the Scheming of Her Father.

Her name means weary - she was weary of not being loved, even by her father. I can’t imagine a father looking at his daughter the way Laban did Leah. He felt the only way she would be wanted was to trick someone into marrying her!

II. The Disappointment of her Heart -

A. The Disapproval - imagine her pain when Jacob woke up the next day and still wanted Rachel. - vs. 25

1. The Pain of Rejection - it was personal - In the custom of that day, the bride was heavily veiled. Leah was probably almost identical in size to Rachel. When the sun rose, and Jacob saw his wife, he found Leah instead of Rachel. And Jacob left to protest, instead of embracing his new wife.

2. The Pain of the Reproach - it was seen in the community.

B. The Disregard - vs. 31 She was “hated.” Now it did not mean Jacob hated her with a heart of malice. He took care of her,- but he demanded another! Compared to the love Jacob had for Rachel, his feelings for Leah was called hate.

1. She was “less loved” by Jacob.

2. She faced great pain - her father, now her husband let her down, but something was about to happen in the midst of her trouble.

Have you been let down by someone? You are in good company. But Grace was about to be evident.

III. The Delight of Her Heritage - vs. 31-32

John Phillips, “There is a poetic justice inf the dealsings of Gdo with men.” Jacob had been a deceiver, now he was deceived by Laban. Like it or not, he was married to Leah. She was pushed back for a time, as though she did not exist. But there was a problem, if Jacob would have sons, they would come through Leah!

A. God Directed His Attention toward Her

1. The Lord Noticed Her Predicament (He saw).

2. The Lord Touched Her Physical Body - God allowed her to have the blessing of a child.

B. God Demonstrated His Attention - Provided for her - Sons

1. Sons Represented Prosperity (Workers, Dowries into the family).

2. Sons provided Preservation of the Family line.

3. A Son could be the Messiah!

Even Eve thought Cain could have been the delivering son. And God gave Leah sons! In the midst of her rejection, God blessed her. Her inheritance came from God in a time that man had done her wrong.

IV. The Display of Her Hopes - She just wants acceptance, and it is seen in what she named her sons.

A. Through Her First son she expressed Her Desire -vs. 32 Reuben “behold a son”

1. She Acknowledged the Lord (Jehovah).

In this wicked family there was a sliver of light!

2. She Acknowledged His Look - “hath looked” same word as “saw” vs. 31.

3. She Acknowledged her Longing - God has seen me, maybe now my husband will look toward me! She desired attention.

B. Through Her Second son she expressed her Disappointment - vs. 33

We all face disappointments. A little time has passed, it has been over a year, we are not sure exactly how long, but she had not gotten the attention to the level she desired. But now God gave her a second son. Simeon - “Heard”

1. Though she had a son, she was still Ignored.

2. Though she had a son, she felt alone.

3. Now she had a second son, and felt she had been heard.

God has heard me! Maybe now my husband will hear my cry!

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