Summary: We as Christians… Ought to be jumping up-and-down, screaming and shouting, singing God's praises 24 hours a day as to what He has given us and made available for us on a Non stop basis!!!!........

Thanks for Giving

Illus. By Todd Coget

The Giver’s Big Hands

A young boy went to the local store with his mother. The shop owner, a kindly man, passed

him a large jar of suckers and invited him to help himself to a handful. Uncharacteristically, the boy held back. So the shop owner pulled out a handful for him.

When outside, the boy’s mother asked why he had suddenly been so shy and wouldn’t take a handful of suckers when offered.

The boy replied, "Because his hand is much bigger than mine!"

It's the same with God if we will only trust Him...we should all be more like the kid in the candy store and know...

He is so much more able to deliver measure out the blessings He has

in store for us, then we could ever ask or think..or ever try

to get on our own..

Does anybody remember the movie called "mr. Holland's opus"?

It was about a man who spent his entire life teaching students about music…

and the theme of the movie, was about a man who had given..

and spent his whole life teaching who thought he had not left a legacy and made

a difference with his life..

and through out the course of the movie...found out how much he had

actually affected the world around him..

and how celebrated he was at his retirement by the difference

he had actually made in his students life...

Looking back in my own life… I have met three different types of people

The first group I want to call the "Givers"

and I can see the hand of God has always been busily

directing and bringing people who were great givers into my path..

that blessed my life and made a huge difference...and also

taught me about both giving and receiving...

The other 2 different types of people..that have come across my path

were from the other perspective and side of giving called "takers"

and let's call the other ones "The give and takers"

first the takers…

They never gave to anyone, anything, anytime their whole life long…

Never no time for real and meaningful work, because the were to busy

working their angles

Constantly on the search of someone new they could get to know and

somehow seek help and advantage from...

And second the give-and-takers...

This group always gives the impression that they are givers

and that they don't have a problem with giving and sometimes do..

But it's always to their advantage, with the intent and motive

that there is going to be something in it for them in the end

and therefore that is why they give.


From the Wharton School of Business...Adam Grant in his book

"A revolutionary approach to success "Give-and-take" this is what

he found to be true...

At the other end of the spectrum, we have this strange breed of people that I call “givers.” It’s not about donating money or volunteering necessarily, but looking to help others by making an introduction, giving advice, providing mentoring or sharing knowledge, without any strings attached. These givers actually prefer to be on the contributing end of an interaction.

He went on to use this illus. He said....

when Mahatma Gandhi edited a magazine, he would receive all kinds of letters. One letter was from a young woman who was about to get engaged. She was going to meet her prospective fiancĂ© for the first time. She wanted to know how she could judge this person. The advice that Mahatma Gandhi gave her, in the columns of the magazine that he edited, was, “Don’t look at how he treats you. Look at how he treats his servants.” I think that’s very, very telling because with somebody whom he was trying to impress, obviously he would be very well-behaved. But a true sign of character is how you treat people who are vulnerable.

Giving… Is a celebrated moment by some..and a delicate, highly guarded situation for others states that the words giving and gave is mentioned some 1305 times in the Bible...God clearly has never had a problem with Giving

The entire Bible is centered around the greatest gift of all time

and the biggest giver as well...

TBS to be more like why isn't there more giving

just for the sake of giving in the world?

I believe it's because the accuser knows what would truly be

Possible if everyone got ahold Gods concept of Giving...


Proverbs 11:24-25 NKJ

There is one who scatters, yet increases more;

And there is one who withholds more than is right,

But it leads to poverty.

25 The generous soul will be made rich,

And he who waters will also be watered himself.

"From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another"

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Freda Brock

commented on Nov 17, 2015

Thank you again Pastor Charlie for giving me some WOW moments, food for more thinking, and recognizing more of the blessings I receive daily. I will prayerfully meditate on the Thanks for Giving from God.

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