Summary: Thanks dad for being a servant leader and being a witness to me about who Jesus is!

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Thesis: Thanks dad for being a servant leader and being a witness to me about who Jesus is!

Introduction: In our society today we have a disillusioning phenomena happening – It’s 40% of all households today have no father in them. The fatherless trend in families have caused many rippling effects today:

· Suicide is 3rd major cause of Teen deaths today. This horror reveals a sense of hopelessness in teens. Suicide is high in our area I’m told.

o There have been two suicides attempts in Amery among adults that have been unsuccessful.

o Remember we prayed against this at the all night prayer meeting. Thank the Lord they failed. Keep praying that there are no attempts even.

· Family splits have reached an all time high with 50% of all marriages ending in divorce and a large percentage of these are filled with hate and maliciousness after the divorce and it affects the kids.

o Many kids are used as pawns in the battle between ex-wife and ex-husband.

· Teen crime has escalated from a frustrated generation experiencing broken homes and absentee fathers and mothers.

o Think of all the school shootings all the teen shootings.

· Violent crime with Teens has sky rocketed revealing an angry youth culture.

o I saw a guy the other day dressed like the kids who killed the kids at Columbine and he was proud of them.

· Drug use has risen significantly in teens and pre-teens to dull the pain.

o Drugs in our area are high it was reported to me that this area has a high methamphetemine drug culture.

o Good news since the prayer meeting. There have been two major drug busts in the last two weeks in Amery.

· Sex outside of marriage has sky rocketed –kids looking for the love that is missing in the homes.

· Sexually transmitted diseases are escalating causing more heartache and death.

o Good News since the prayer meeting – The nude bar that was going to go in up by Turtle Lake is not going through. We had a pair of guys go up at the prayer meeting and pray against it.

· 30% of all women getting pregnant today are not married creating homes that are under a lot of pressure. Single parents and teen parents are under a lot of pressure and many give up. On school in our area today had 25% of their senior class become parents while still in their senior year.

o One out of three children born today are born into fatherless homes

o Lets continue to pray against this tend that more young people would look to Jesus for love and not each other.

· Schools that were once safe refuges have changed. Today it’s become a place of violence, drugs, rebellion, disrespectfulness and other serious problems. Part of the blame goes to fatherless families.

o Good News here we are seeing a revival among the young people in Amery. Jesus is the talk of the school and town since the Gospel fest.

o Prayer makes a difference.

o Push the Jesus March July 8th. We meet for worship here a message on prayer then go out in groups and pray through Amery. No Signs. Just prayer.

· I notice that a large part of kids without fathers are angry and upset- most want their fathers in their lives and the pain is evident.

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