Summary: This is the name of God: I AM THAT I AM! And may those who know the name of God put their trust in him.


Beloveds of God, flattened by a voice that spoke out of a strange fire, Moses heard his orders to deliver Israel from Egypt. But a question nagged Moses: Who was sending him?

Now putting that question to the voice, Moses got the answer "I am...". Moses must have trembled, waiting to hear the rest of that answer. Already the voice had said, "I am the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob", but Moses wanted a more comprehensible name than that.

He wanted to know something of the nature of this God who was sending him to oppose the mightiest dynasty in the world. The full answer must have left Moses utterly bewildered, "I am that I am". Then, came the further order, Moses you say to the children of Israel, "I am has sent me unto you".

Now Moses went to Egypt to repeat that name again and again to his people. A name that was as mysterious to him as to them. But God could not have explained himself to Moses. It would have been like an astronaut trying to explain to his 6 month old son his trip to the moon.

My friend, it is a small wonder that God tells us no more about himself; we do not half understand what He has already told us.

Now ages passed after God spoke to Moses. God spoke again to man through Jesus from Nazareth. God had to change his form to show himself more clearly.

The form could not be angelic, for we know as little about angels as we do about God. And., perhaps, not nearly as much. So God became man.

Beloveds, what better form than that could God take for revealing himself to us. Through Jesus, God began to answer the long ago question from Moses. Who is this God? What is he like? I am who? I am what? Every person ever born asks at one time or another these questions. Every one wants a sense of belonging and heritage.

Jesus took those mysterious words "I am" out of past ages, and added to them in simple language.

But even more than that, He lived the words. He put them into action, that you and I might see what that great name means. "I am that I am"! He did not of course tell us all that the name means, that would be more than we could bear. But he did tell us much and showed us much.

Beloveds, Moses would have been thrilled to have been in the days of Jesus. And, he would have been thrilled to have heard His mighty "I am’s". What were some of the I AM’s that Jesus said, and just what do they mean to us?

Jesus said, "I am the Alpha". Now what book other than the Bible has so grand an opening like this. In the beginning God created the heaven’s and the earth. In what other book can we find this? All things were made by him and without him was not any thing made that was made. Without Him is neither matter nor energy!, Without Him creation is a zero! Without Him, there is neither up or down, morning or night! Without Him, there is neither today, yesterday or tomorrow. Why? Because everything finds its beginning in God! And since Jesus was with the Father before all things were made - everything finds its beginning in Him.

Not only that beloveds, but Jesus also said, "I am the light"! Our world is dark, but how much darker it would be had not Jesus came! Try if you can, and imagine human history without Jesus Christ.

Jesus said too, "I am the vine"! Beloved, history is filled with nations that tried to exist without God. They are as branches cut off from the vine. The bible tells us that a nation that forgets God and like a dog returned unto itsf own vomit. All over this world, there is much evidence that letsf us know what happens when you push God out. America, who was founded on the precepts and concepts of the Bible, is very rapidly becoming much like Russia use to be - a NATION WITHOUT GOD! But thank God for the remnant of people who refuse to let this nation forget from whence it has come.

Jesus said "I am the shepherd". Now, a shepherd has a special quality. He cares about sheep. He knows a sheep’s needs and he responds to them. Sheep without shepherds are helpless creatures. In fact, if you know anything about caring for this type of animal, then you know that sheep are really dumb creatures. That’s why it is important for sheep to have a leader - a shepherd - because they need someone to guide and lead them.

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