Summary: Many folks are not faithful to regular church attendance, then when God really performs a great work in the service, the continual response is, "I knew I was going to miss something if I didn’t come..."

That One Service

Psalms 84:4

David was speaking in this chapter about all of the great things concerning God’s house. He loved it there, and loved attending. He knew the holy presence of God was there, and in His presence awesome things would transpire.

He says in the text, ‘blessed are those that dwell in your house, they will be still praising you’. In other words, he says in the true presence of God in His house, people would bring praise due to the awesomeness of God’s glory.

How many times have we ended up skipping service for one reason or another, and someone inevitably tells us, ‘boy you missed it… we had a Holy Ghost meeting…’. And we usually return with a comment, ‘I knew it would be good if I missed…’ . So, I wonder if we knew it would happen, why did we miss?

The true test of complacency is given, and unfortunately passed by so many each week. The attitude of expectation has dwindled to nothing, and is proven by a lack of desire to be faithful to each and every service. The time was once here where folks were so expecting something new, refreshing from God they would not miss for the world. But, now everything has become so routine for people no one is expecting anything new. But, rest assured, there will be that one service when God breaks the mold of traditional service and sends an outpouring of Holy Ghost revival, and if we don’t become more faithful to attendance, we will miss it when it does come!


(1)Mat. 12- Jesus came into the synagogue and there sat a man with a withered hand. The people attempting to accuse him asked if it was lawful to heal on the Sabbath. Jesus said if a man had a sheep fall in a ditch on the Sabbath wouldn’t he get it out that day? Then he said, “stretch forth thy hand…”

**he probably sat in service holding that hand many Sabbaths. Probably got up that morning struggling to get cleaned up since he only had one good hand…

But, that one service, Jesus gave him a miracle, and he said I’m glad I came to church today!

(2)Luke 13- Jesus taught in one of the synagogues. Toward the back of the room a little old woman creeps in. She’s so sick she can’t lift herself up, as she had a spirit of infirmity for 18 yrs. She had been faithful to come to church each week, even at times when it would’ve been easy to stay home. But, she always had the desire to go that outwit her sickness. As a matter of fact, she probably said this morning, ‘I am so sick. I think I better stay in’. But something compelled her to go. It was not just a feeling, it was the Holy Ghost letting her know this was going to be “her service”. So when she crawled in, Jesus just said, “woman thou art loosed from thy infirmity”. After he laid his hand on her, “she was made straight and glorified God!!!”

(3)Mark 1- After calling the disciples, Jesus straightway entered into a synagogue in Capernaum. The people were amazed at his doctrine, for he taught as one having authority, and not like the other scribes. While teaching a man with an unclean spirit cried out, ‘what have we do to with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy us?’ **this man had likely been there before, but no one with this much authority had ever preached there.**

ON THIS SERVICE Jesus proved again what he meant by “he whom the son hath made free is free indeed” as he said ‘hold thy peace and come out of him!

The man found his service where deliverance would come!!!


**Brownsville A/G**

June 18, 1995, Steve Hill, only supposed to be one day, Kilpatrick down 48 hours, am lasts to 4pm, 51/2 hr. pm, 2500 per nite of Meth. Bapt. Episc. Naz. Cath. Cof Christ

*Members had come for years but that one service made all the difference in the world!*

**Tabernacle Church/ Melbourne, FL**

Randy Clark guest speaker, series of meetings by 5 local churches, unusual revival with holy laughter, falling out, healings, 1000’s came each night

*people went to a lot of revivals, but this was THAT service*

**Bible school/Topeka Kansas**

1901, Charles Fox Parham, Agnes Ozman (one of his students), Jan. 1, 1901, one more day in Bible class, filled, J. Roswell Flower (founding sec. of A/G)= “touch felt round the world, made the Pentecostal movement of the 20th century”.

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