Summary: Saints we should not be looking for the Rapture as our get out of jail free card. Bible scholars cannot even agree as to when it takes place only that it will take place. For that reason we must be ready to meet the Lord every day.


This week I noticed a lot of articles and videos were being made about a series of events coming this September.

While no one event stood out more so than another, when put together there did seem to be a theme.

In September of this year there will be big decisions made by several world leaders and organizations that may have a direct impact on us all. Just what that impact will be is something we will have to wait for.

Here is a list of some of the events.

Sept 8th CERN will be using twice the power it used last year in order to find even smaller particles in the hope of understanding how our universe began.

CERN is a huge underground oval tube 27 kilometers/16 miles long that sends a tiny particle around in a circle at the speed of light and crashes into another tiny particle that is traveling from the opposite direction in order to create a collision of the particles so scientist can see the little bits that are left after they hit.

This is a scientific experiment costing billions of dollars that some fear will result in apocalyptic results. People are concerned that CERN is playing with fire and that the scientist are taking unnecessary risks since they do not know the outcomes.

Christians are concerned because the CERN logo looks like 3 – 6’s of the infamous 666 in the bible and the CERN facility has a statue of a dancing Hindu goddess named Shiva who is dancing on top of the dwarf of ignorance openly displayed. This goddess is regarded as both the destroyer and creator goddess in the Hindu religion. Which one it will be for CERN is uncertain?

The next thing that is going on in September is the 9/11 anniversary on September 11th. Typically the U.S. President makes a speech and people are anticipating its contents. So not much with this event.

Following that is September 13th which is the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashana which is marked by a partial Solar eclipse which remains one of the events associated with the Blood Moon series of events and the Shemitah year. Again a solar event is meant to be an unfavorable omen for the gentile world. We will have to wait and see if the financial markets collapse.

On September 15th the U.S.A. has a huge military operation called Jade Helm that is supposed to wrap up where actual U.S. soldiers are being deployed by the thousands across 5 states Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. so they can train for urban assault and peace keeping. What has alarmed Americans is the size of the operation and the intrusion and invasion it brings to everyday life for the citizens in those states. Some fear it is a pre-emptive deployment of U.S. soldiers to institute martial law. The Texas governor is so upset he has ordered his troops from the Texas National Guard to be deployed at the same time in order to keep an eye on the U.S. Army and its soldiers so no one gets out of line in Texas.

Also on September 15th the U.N. is celebrating its 70th Anniversary and Assembly of nations. Their agenda is concerning as they have several controversial proposals about global issues surrounding finance and food that could affect all of us.

September 23rd is the Jewish Feast of “The Day of Atonement” Yom Kippur bringing in the Jewish year 5776.

Also on September 23rd President Barak Obama welcomes Pope Francis to the White House.

On September 24th Pope Francis will make history as he becomes the first Pope to address both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. A strange and unusual event to be sure.

September 24th also marks the end of the 500 day countdown to climate chaos that French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has stated is upon us which will result in dire consequences for the entire earth.

On September 25-27th is the Tomorrow World Festival which is has satanic themes and features music and celebrities. It takes place in Atlanta. It’s sold out.

Also on September 25th Pope Francis will address the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. No one knows what he will speak about. The Pope will then travel to Philadelphia for an open air Mass to celebrate the World Meeting of Families.

On September 28th the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles occurs it is marked by the final 4th Blood Moon or Lunar Eclipse completing the cycle. Again a “Blood Moon” is meant as an omen for the Jewish people.

But what if anything will happen remains to be seen.

Just so you know I left out the part about the giant asteroid that is supposed to hit earth but lately there always seems to be an asteroid about to hit the earth.

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