Summary: To get us to understand the caring heart of a real mother.


1 Kings 3:16-28

My brothers and my sisters, we all have stories of how our mothers had rescued us. It was many of our Moms that got us through science projects, math quizzes, and even the bully in the neighborhood. And many time we showed our gratitude by giving her for Mother’s Day, pot holders, hand made cards and breakfast in bed although it was a bowl of cereal. But as gracious as she was she would accept these gifts with a smile and a hug because to her, it is not the gift, but the thought behind it.

I’m reminded of something that I read in a Daily Bread some time ago, called The Love behind the gift, and I quote:

The love behind a gift is more important than the gift itself. The person who has learned this will not be frustrated because his gift is small, like the husband who wrote the following words to his wife on Mother’s Day:

M is for the mink coat you want, dear,

O is for the opal ring you crave,

T is for the tiny car you’d love, my sweet,

H is for the hat that makes you rave,

E is for the earrings you’d admire so much, my love,

R is for the rug you tread late at night;

Put them all together, they spell bankrupt,

So I’m giving you this handkerchief instead.


In keeping in context with this often preached chapter we must look back to verse 3 where Solomon is shown as one that loved the Lord and has walked in the statues of David, his father, by burning sacrifices and incense to the Lord. It was Solomon who upon going to Gibeon, who sacrificed a thousand burnt offering upon the altar. And it was there were the Lord appeared to him in a dream by night and asked Solomon “What shall I give thee.” After Solomon acknowledged how the Lord found favor in his father David, by giving him great mercy as he walked before Him in truth. He responded in verse 9 by saying to Him, “Give, therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad.” Verse 10 said that Solomon’s words pleased the Lord and in verse 12 the Lord gave to Solomon a wise and understanding heart, and not only did he get what he asked for, but in verse 13 we see the Lord giving him what he did not ask for and that was riches and honor so that there will be no other king like him all his days. And God added that if he walked in His ways and keep His statues and commandments as thy father David did, then He would make his days long.

In our text we will see what the Lord promised Solomon coming to pass. Right out of the box, verse 16 starts off with a complicated case that Solomon will have to judge. Now you may ask, what could possibly make this story complicated? Especially to those of you who are familiar with this story. Well, what makes this story complicated, and I submit to you that we must realize that Solomon the king is just a child, as found in verse 7 when he said that “I am but a little child:” But Solomon is not my central point for this morning, although he is ever visible in the text, he is not the primary subject of this text today. But this text makes mention of two women who came to the king with a problem. There are two things that should not be over looked about these women. First being that they were harlots or as found in the NIV they were prostitutes. The second is that both were mothers. Now although they were harlots, that is not the forwarding point in this subject, so let’s clear our minds of that thought. Because although they were harlots they were also mothers. Now I’m not overlooking the fact of their lives as harlots, but we should realize that when it is time for a woman to be what they are, in this case a mother, she will be just that regardless of her reputation.

So come with me as we take a look at The Actions of a Real Mother.

First of all in verse 26...


Then spoke the woman whose the living child was unto the king, for her [heart yearned over] her son, and said, Oh my lord, give her the living child,”

We should note the attributes of a real mother. She was willing to give up her child in order for him to live. I’m sure that it bothered this mother to have to give her child to another woman, but she would rather give her child away in order to see him from time to time. My heart goes out to good women that have to raise children alone. I see the sacrifices that she has to make in order for her children to have decent clothes, home and food. She have to ignore the venomous talk coming from her church and community. Her quality time with her children is split with the long hours she spends working to make ends meet. I tell you I pray for women that pulls that load all by herself. And as I look at this text I see this mother, this Real Mother willing to give up her child to another, just to see him every now and then. She would rather know that the child is alright, rather than to know that her selfishness cause her child to die. Such is the heart of a real mother. Now just like in fatherhood any one can be called mother. And just because you carry the title, it do not make you a mother. That title come to life when the mother or father spend many sleepless nights nursing a sick child or denying themselves of simple pleasures, in order for their children to have what they need. So in view of this mother in the text, she was willing to have many lonely days and nights without her child, knowing that just because he is not in her home, it does not make him any less her son. So, she was willing to part with him in order to save his life.

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