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Summary: Part 20 of a series in Psalm 119

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The Afflictions of the Righteous

Part 20

Sermon Series: A Word about the Word

Date: October 5, 2003 P.M. Service

Place: Allendale Baptist

Text: Psalm 119:153-160


Once again the psalmist seems to be preoccupied with the oppression and opposition he is facing. He is making his way out of the valley, but not quiet there yet.

· Once again we see the phrase he has used so many times; “quicken me.”

· This passage of Scripture is very applicable, if only to me.

So let’s begin. First we see the psalmist…

I. Persistent Affliction

· Why is it that he keeps coming back to his afflictions?

· My only guess is because they have never left.

· This oppression is not like some toothache that comes and goes; it is constant and persistent.

A. Appraisal v. 153

Matthew Henry says David…

· Has and eye to God’s pity and prays, “Consider my afflictions.”

· Take them into Your thought and all the circumstances of the situation. And by the way don’t sit by as if unconcerned.”

· God is never unmindful of his children’s afflictions.

· But He does want us to put him in remembrance. He does want us to bring our afflictions to him and then leave it to his compassionate consideration to do in it as He sees fit.

Next we see the psalmist’s…

B. Advocate v. 154

· He pleads his dependence upon the word of God and his obedience to its direction.

· The closer we cling to the Word of God, as our rule and as our guide, the more assurance we may have of deliverance in due time.

Next we see a…

II. Precise Assessment vv. 155-156

· Even in times of trials and tribulation when given the precise assessment, makes us to see things in the proper perspective.

· But notice once again, he speaks of the…

A. Pursuit v. 155

· We see a description of the wicked men. “They seek not Thy statutes.”

· We see the doom of the wicked. “Salvation is far from them.”

· Let me ask this question; How can anyone think they are doing good or doing the will of God, when the life they are living and the things they are doing are certainly not according to the Word of God?

· It greatly disturbs me of those who say we don’t go to church because we have this thing with God.

· I am going to marry this man or this woman because I know it will be okay with God.

· Greek word; “Bologna.”

B. Provision v. 156

· God is a merciful, loving God.

· The psalmist continues to recall to mind God’s mercies.

III. Pernicious Attackers

In verse 157 he says they have made his situation one of…

A. Gravity v. 157

· Many of us have ridden a bicycle downhill. It is easy to go downhill but not so easy to ride a bicycle uphill.

· Being a believer is not always a joy ride.

· Some would want us to think that the Christian life is all a downhill ride.

· The psalmist didn’t find it that way; every where he looked there were faces of those who opposed him.

· He was tempted to give up but he didn’t.

· Paul speaks of two major themes in the book of Ephesians; our blessings and our battles.

· Both of them are found in the heaven lies. Our wealth is in the heaven lies, but so is our warfare.

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