Summary: This sermon reminds us that God sees all. It's both: delightful and dreadful. He sees our good and bad immediately.

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Introduction: Have you ever thought about the all-seeing eyes of God? The traveler in our our text emphasizes the tiredlessness of God. He neither sleeps nor slumbers. Imagine that; His eyes are eternally opened. Although, we do not think of God in physical sense except through Christ; we try to explain Him in an anthropomorphic manner for human consumption. What a marvel! In studying the text, He doesn't sleep nor slumber. Such means that He sees all. In the study of this text, I observed that God has created some of His creatures with remarkable qualities. The giraffe needs very little sleep in the course of the day. An eagle has eyes that rival man's greatest optic inventions. A shark can see underwater with great precision. An owl and a cat possesses night vision that we can only dream about. God in His great wisdom input some of His remarkable superlatives in His lowly creature. It's as if He saying; I created them.

Let us consider the following concerning the all-seeing eyes of God:

I. No beginnings. (He sees eternally)

II. No barriers.....(He sees through all)

III. No blinking......(His eyes never closes)

IV. No burn-out.....(He never slumbers nor sleep)

V. No break.....(He never stop seeing. He can never turn His head to see something new because all things are readily in His view.

VI. No beneath.....(Nothing passes below Him.)

VII. No beyond....(Nothing is too far)

VIII. No blindspot....(The fairyflies is visible to Him)

IX. (No boundaries....(His view is infinite)

Conclusion: What great comfort to all those who love Him. We are always the object of the Father's view.

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