Summary: This is the second message about the relation of the Old Testament Tabernacle and the New Testament

(Memorial Day Weekend)


TEXT: VARIOUS (Start with Exodus 27:1-8)


OPEN: A. An older couple have been invited over to another older couple’s home for dinner. When they

arrive, dinner is not quite ready. The wife of the visiting couple goes to the kitchen to help the

hostess. The men go to the den to wait being called to the table.

The hostess sticks her head in and says, “Tell him about the classes you’ve been taking to

improve your memory.” The host, named Herb, says, “Yeah. I’ve been taking these classes to help

with my memory. It uses that system where you associate one thing with another. Let’s say I want

to remember the baseball team in Detroit. I just picture a tiger in my mind and then I know

they’re the Detroit Tigers.”

The guest, named Don, says, “That sounds like a good system. By the way, my wife and I went

out to a restaurant last night called The Moonglow and the food was terrible and way overpriced. I

certainly remember that name and remember to stay away.”

Herb says, “My wife and I went out to a new restaurant last night, too. The food was really

good and the prices were good, too.”

Don asks, “What was the name of the restaurant?” Herb says, “I can’t remember the name but if

you’ll help me, I can remember it..”

Herb sits and thinks a minute and then asks Don, “What’s the name of that very pretty flower

that smells so nice and grows on a thorny bush?” Don says, “A rose?”

Herb says, “That’s it! A rose! Hey, Rose, what was the name of the restaurant we ate at last


B. Memorial Day – Tomorrow is the official national celebration. Some folks see it merely as a

day off from work or as one of the highly celebrated three-day weekends. Most people will be

putting hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. They’ll gather with their family and friends and have

a great time. But for those who have lost someone in a war or other military action, it certainly

means much more than that.

All Americans should take time ought of their day to step away from the revelry and recognize

his patriotic duty to honor those who have spilled their blood to make a country worth fighting for –

a nation that is free and strong.

Why do we have a right to assemble together to worship and to preach God’s word? Why is it

that we live in relative peace and have the right to pursue prosperity and happiness? It’s because

men and women have died for this country. We should be thankful for their sacrifice

We celebrate Memorial Day once a year to remember those who died for political freedom. We

gather every week to celebrate the memorial of the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and

Savior, Jesus Christ. Every Sunday is Memorial Day.

C. Last week, we began our study of the tabernacle

1. Remember that the tabernacle was a large portable tent structure that served as the center of

worship for the Israelites as they traveled along their journey to the Promised Land

2. It served as the reminder of God’s presence among His people

3. It was comprised of three areas:

a. The Outer Court

1). It was the general meeting area for the tabernacle

a). All Jewish people who had business at the tabernacle were welcome

b). It held the Altar of Sacrifice and the Bronze Washbasin we studied last week

b. The Holy Place

a). This is the area where the priests performed a good number of their daily duties

b). It held the Menorah (candlesticks), The Table of Presence (Shewbread), and the Altar of


c. The Holy of Holies

a). This is the area where only the high priest could enter and do so only once a year to spread

the blood on the mercy seat of God on the Day of Atonement

b). Inside the Holy of Holies was the Ark of the Covenant

D. We’re going to use the same method of study throughout this series that we used last week


1. Simply where one thing stands as a representation or type of something else

--In this case, it’s Old Testament things foreshadowing New Testament and heavenly things

2. Today we’re going to compare the altar of sacrifice with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross


A. I must apologize this morning

1. I started last week ahead of myself

2. You see, normally I should have started with this message instead of last week’s

3. However, I wanted this message to coincide with Memorial Day weekend because it’s day of

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