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Summary: Christ – the eternal “Amen” – the personification of all truth. By closing your prayers with “In Jesus’ name, Amen”, can Jesus attest to the father that everything you pray is truthful…or that at the very least, you earnestly mean everything you pray?


The word “Amen” is the typical closer for our prayers. But many people aren’t sure what it means and fewer, still, consider it a name for Christ


A. Discussion Question: List some of the most common names for Christ? (Good Shepherd, Vine, Door, The Way, Immanuel, King of Kings, etc.)

B. Many Lesser-Known Names – among them, “the Amen”


A. Probably The Most Universal Word In Human Language

1. When transliterated from Hebrew & Greek, it’s spelled exactly as we see it in English (Greek = Ameen; Hebrew = Aameen)

2. It’s spoken as “Amen” the same in Greek, Hebrew, English & most other languages

B. Originally in Hebrew = “to make firm”

1. Conveying the idea of building, supporting, propping up

2. Ancient rabbis taught "Amen" is an acrostic from the first letters of the 3 words, “El Melech Ne’eman”, meaning “the Lord is trustworthy”

C. In Greek Usage

1. It came to refer to a solid foundation

2. It carried the idea of “truth”

a. “Verily, verily I say unto you…”

b. “Amen, amen (truly, truly) I say to you…”

D. When Used At The End Of Prayers & Hymns:

1. Old Methodist church – used it at the end of Hymns (Psalm 41:13)

2. Attests to the truthfulness of what we’ve said, sung or prayed

3. Saying, “amen” to sermon – says we’re certifying the truthfulness of the sermon

4. “Amen” = last word in Bible – attesting to the truthfulness of everything that’s been said and written in scripture (Rev. 22:21)

E. Revelation 3:14 – Jesus Christ = Amen = Personification Of Truth

1. He confirms, supports, props up and attests to the foundation of, and lives out all and exact truth in all dimensions

2. He is our eternal Amen!


A. By Invoking Jesus’ Name In This Way…

1. Can Jesus attest that everything you prayed is truthful?

2. Can Jesus attest that, at least, you earnestly meant everything you prayed?

3. Illustration: A layman who was widely known for his use of the term "amen," was asked on one occasion why he used it. "Just what does ’amen’ mean?" asked a friend. The man replied, "In most cases it means just this to me: ’Yes, Lord, I am with you on whatever you want!” …"What do you mean when you say ’amen’ at the end of your prayers?" he was asked. "When I say ’amen’ at the end of a prayer I mean just this: ’God, I’m serious about what I asked for and I won’t take no for an answer!”

B. Does It Bring Pause To Our Prayers To Ensure That Everything We Prayed Is Not Just Earnest, but also Truthful?

C. Take Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) For Example - It ends in Amen Do We Really Mean It When We Say or Pray…

1. Our Father

a. relationship of intimacy with the Abba

b. “our” – implies brotherhood of others

2. Hallowed be thy name

a. holy is your name

b. not take it or represent it in vain

3. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done

a. do I really want His will?

b. am I really ready to submit to His will?

4. Daily bread – truly depending on God (Illustration: Little Johnnie was saying his bedtime prayers a week before his birthday. In a loud voice he listed all the things he wanted. "Do not pray so loudly," his mother instructed. "The Lord is not hard of hearing!" "Maybe He isn’t," admitted Johnnie, "but Grandma is.")

5. Forgive us – really want forgiveness – truly ready to repent

6. As we forgive – whom haven’t I forgiven?

7. And lead us not into temptation - is there any temptation not ready to give up

8. All Kingdom, power and glory to you God

a. do I mean that? Am I really truthful here?

b. it’s not about me

c. it’s all about you, Lord

E. Jesus Is Our Intercessor, our Mediator

1. Read Romans 8:26-27

2. Holy Spirit, Christ makes intercession for us to God

3. Can He attest before the Father, that what we are saying is true? Can He certify it before the Father as true?


A. Message Designed To

1. Show weight of what we pray

2. Why we pray what we pray

3. Take more time, less haphazard in our prayers

4. More contemplative, more honesty in our prayers

B. More Truthful & Honest In Prayers Is …

1. Lord, I’m scared to follow your will – honesty!

2. Lord, sometimes, I’m afraid I’m representing your name in vain!

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