Summary: The Anointing found Elisha and changed his life, that same anointing is on the move again, it’s in your neighborhood and coming down your street.

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IKing 19:19 So he departed thence, and (found Elisha) the son of Shaphat, who was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen before him, and he with the twelfth: and Elijah passed by him, and cast his mantle upon

I’m going to pause right here and I’m going to prophesy that somebody’s life is going to change tonight, somebody is going to another level in God, Somebody is going to leave this place with a fire of God in your life.

Touch 3 people and tell them: Tonight’s my night

Elijah (found) Elisha, that means he was looking for him.

You need to know that God is always watching and God is always evaluating and God is always on the lookout for someone he can elevate.

Elisha had Gods attention: Here he was not working in a corporate office, not living in a palace, not driving a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes.

No he was out in a field plowing covered with dirt, but he had Gods attention.

Tell your neighbor: God notices

Sometimes you may feel as though you are so far down the line that no one even notices what you do.

But God notices, he notices your sacrifice, he notices your faithfulness and your commitment, he notices your willingness to do the jobs no one else wants to do.

Elisha had Gods attention:

Growing up I remember from time to time my Dad would say ( I think you need some attention) he was usually referring to the board of education being applied to the seat of understanding.

I did not like that kind of attention

But I want Gods attention, I want Gods good attention

How did Elisha get Gods good attention?

#1 He was busy ( he was sitting around with his hands folded waiting for a perfect ministry opportunity)

He was busy where he was at, working with what he had.

#2 He was dependable, responsible (That means his father knew the job would get done)

Elisha’s father knew that he could trust Elisha alone in a field with twelve yoke of oxen, he didn’t have to stand over him watching him all the time, he knew whatever was placed in Elisha’s hand would be completed.

#3 He was self disciplined:

The number twelve represents discipleship, ( meaning a disciplined life) a life that is in order (order is the proper arrangement of things).

It is a tragedy that so many in the body of Christ view discipleship and the disciplined life as some kind of punishment and deprivation of all the fun things in life.

#4 He was willing to work with no immediate reward:

As a farmer he understood, there is a lot of work to do before you enjoy the fruit or the reward of your labor.

#5 Elisha was a hard worker: ( he gave himself 100 % to his work) Some people work harder trying to get out of working than if they would just buckle down and do the job.

Elisha didn’t have to be sweet talked to work, he didn’t have to be patted on the back to work.

Everybody needs to be appreciated, and everyone wants to be recognized and praised, but a mature believer understands that we are working for the Lord and the Lord will reward us for our labor.

These were the qualities in Elisha’s life that attracted Gods attention.

There are people in the church who are always talking about a double portion, but they have never yet qualified for the first portion.

I think I need to say something very important here:

The anointing is great, it is the yoke destroying burden removing power of God and we will never accomplish the work of God without it.

But (the anointing is no substitute for Hard work)

The anointing is no substitute for training and education

The anointing is no substitute for Character

The anointing does not produce Character

Jesus did not say: Ye shall know them by their gifts, or by their anointing (he said ye shall know them by their fruits)

The fruit of the spirit are the qualities and attitudes of Jesus manifested through our humanity for the benefit of humanity.

Many of Gods people mistakenly assume that the anointing is everything.

The anointing does not replace practice

The anointing does not replace study

And while we often say the anointing is more important than talent, we should also realize that talent is a gift from God, and when your talent is anointed by God, It glorifies God at the highest level.

In other words Excellence is talent and training yielded to the anointing.

*The anointing is the power of God for service

*Character is the nature and attributes of Christ

When you put the Power of God and the Nature of God together you have a full manifestation of Jesus Christ.

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