Summary: The ingredients of the oil as they apply to life.


TEXT: EXODUS 30:22-26

I. MYRRH –it was a pain killer; and a healing agent

- The anointing will get you through some pain

- Jesus received Myrrh 3 times in his life

• First at his birth

• Second on the cross he was given tenture of myrrh to deaden the pain but he rejected it because he had to endure all of our pain.

• Third when he was buried they brought spices of myrrh

- From birth through the pains of life all the way to death we are going to need an anointing of Myrrh because there will be a lot of pain in our lives.

- I wish I could tell you that if you come to Jesus you will never suffer again the hurts of this life and everything will be perfect, never a problem

- The reality is that we do not live in the sweet bye and bye but we live in the nasty now and now.

- Everyone that is anointed will go through pain


- The more you pray the more attack you are going to have

- More of the Word of God you know, new demons will be assigned to you

- Start winning souls everything that can will go wrong

- Get a vision and people will think you are crazy

- Preacher I wish you would preach something positive

- OK I am positive that you will have pain in your life

- This world is going to hate you

- You need to understand there is a war going on and hell is desiring to sift you as wheat

- So tired of folks that worship and then get a little pin prick from some used demon… “I’m hurt” “I’m wounded” so tired of hearing that… get up move into the presence of God and allow Him to administer Myrrh anointing into your life

- The church has adopted this wounded spirit victim mentality

- The Holy Ghost can repair a marriage

- The Holy Ghost can restore a broken family

- The Holy Ghost can heal past hurts (Abuse; church problems)

- Myrrh will kill the pain; Myrrh will heal you

- You can spend the rest of your life thinking about how wounded you have been or you can get a picture of a wounded savior that became a scared Lord and He has a myrrh anointing for you

- No matter what you are going through the is an anointing of Myrrh that will save you from the pain.

- God has not give us a spirit of fear

- It is not by might

- Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world



- This was not cinnamon as we think of it but is was HOT

- Hot will motivate and move you

- The fire of the Holy Ghost will motivate you and move you

- There is nothing deader than a dead Pentecostal

- There is nothing colder than a cold charismatic

- We were born in the flames

- “I will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with Fire”

- We need the fire today

- Rituals will not move us

- Program will not promote us into His presences

- We need to get a hold of the red hot flames of the anointing and experience a fresh fire from God

- The Fire speaks authority that brings a response

- Eat a jalapeño pepper and it will produce a response

- The fire has an authority to bring a response

- When Jesus spoke He spoke with authority

• Speaks to wind and it obeys

• Demons recognized His authority

• Jesus tells Herod we will spot when we a through

• “No one has ever spoken to us with this kind of authority”

- Jeremiah had Fire in his bones

- Isaiah had a coal of fire on his lips

- Elijah had fire that fell from heaven

- Yet we pretend to not need the fire of God

• When your marriage is on the rocks you need Authority of Jesus fire

• When your business is falling you need fire

• When your health is going you need fire

- God give us fire in our praise

- Give us fire in our announcements

- Give us fire in the offering

- Give us fir in the pew

- Give us fire in the pulpit

- Give us fire in the foyer

- Give us fire in the altars

- Give us fire in the homes

- Give us fire in the work place

- Give us fire in the prayer closets

- Give in fire in Wal-Mart

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