Summary: God has a stimulus plan for his children, you can bank on that.

Title: “The Answer for Anxiety”

Theme: “God has a stimulus plan for his children!!!”

Text: “Philippians 4: 19”

(Phl 4:19 KJV)

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I - The Confident Report “Our Secret Source”

“Unrivaled in his Realm & Position”

*MY Partner in the Midst of Anxiety*

A) Consider God’s Intimate Name

“Worthy of a Personal Relation”

B) Consider God’s Infamous Notoriety

“Worthy of a Phenomenal Recognition”

II - The Competent Reassurance “Our Sure Supply”

“Unrivaled in his Record & Portfolio”

*My Provision in the Midst of Anxiety*

A) Word of Pointed Affirmation from one’s Pen

“Definitive in this Claim”

B) Windows of Proven Acclimation from one’s Past

“Declarative in this Concept”

III - The Commitment Recorded “Our Somber Standard”

“Unrivaled in his Riches & Potential”

*My Provider in the Midst of Anxiety*

A) Compelling Fortune that is Unequalled

“Truthfully Validated”

B) Competent Facilitator that is Unblemished

“Faithfully Facilitated”

Illustration Answer for Anxieties

Senior vice-presidents and portfolio managers of Kopp Investment Advisors, when asked about their advice for investing in high-tech stocks, responded with the same advice nearly all investment advisors would give: "While we believe that investing in technology stocks provides investors with enormous upside potential, we caution that the inherent volatility requires investors to have longer investment time horizons--and stronger stomachs--in order to weather the dramatic ups and downs that are typical for stocks in this group . . .

"Think long-term ... and don't panic.

"Anyone who invests in technology stocks should have an investment horizon of at least five years . . . He/she also should be firmly committed to the stocks being purchased."

The same can be said about the situation of believers, as we attempt to live out our faith and remain committed to Christ in the face of constant temptations, setbacks, struggles, tears, trials... The only advice that will truly sustain us is: Think Long-Term! And don't panic! Be firmly committed to that in which you've placed your stock.

Source: Source: Bottom Line/Personal, 10/15/

Title: “The Answer for Anxiety”

Theme: “God has a stimulus plan for his children!!!”

Text: “Philippians 4: 19”

(Phl 4:19 KJV)

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

We as Christians need not worry due to the difficulties of this life. It is not meant for us to be anxious and worried; God has already assured us of his excellent supply. We are not in this thing on our own accord; we have a secret source that is inexhaustible.

God promises to provide us with an unlimited stimulus package. We can be assured fully rely upon his plan and his awesome abundant provision.

II - The Competent Reassurance “Our Sure Supply”

In this portion of our text “shall supply all your need” we notice that Paul is making a definitive statement. The declaration is made with the utmost reassurance that God will see to our needs. It was reassuring to know that Paul said God shall, not that God might or hopefully he can; but the God shall.

In writing this awesome verse, Paul places complete trust in his God. It is reassuring to know that our Lord promises to fully meet all of our needs. In making this statement Paul is reassured by what he had already saw the Lord do for his needs. If we would be honest we could all testify on how good God has been to us.

The best way to judge someone is to understand how they have acted in previous specific situations. It would have been easy for Paul to encourage the church at Philippi because he fully understood how God had mightily performed in taking care of his numerous needs.

Paul was living proof of the good hand of God. The mighty hand of God was constantly working on his behalf.

A young student on a group tour of Washington, D.C., stayed behind atop the Washington Monument so that he might enjoy the view for a few extra minutes. At 5:15, when he turned to ride the elevator down, he noticed for the first time a sign which stated that the elevator stopped running at 5:00. He raced down the steps and discovered that the doors had been locked. He shouted for help. For three hours he pounded on the door and screamed for someone on the outside, but to no avail!

At about 8:30, the exhausted and terrified young man took another look around him, and noticed … a telephone. Sheepishly, he picked up the phone—which, of course, had been there all along!—and dialed for help, and was released from the building within minutes.

Psalm 46:1 declares, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." How many times do we plunge forward in panic because we have overlooked our most obvious Source of help?

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