Summary: Learn what in the world you have to do with the antichrist.

the anti-christ and you

So, just what is the anti-christ - anti & christ.

The subject of the anti-christ is one of great speculation. I remember when I was growing up, people thought that Gorbechev’ was the antichrist, and then when he didn’t really turn out to be him, people thought that Bill Clinton might be the anit-christ because his name equals 666 in the numerical Hebrew language. (It may still be him, or maybe Hillary) I don’t know, the point is, it’s all speculation. It’s supernatural speculation, it has to be, because of the way God has set this thing in order.

Now, there have been literally hundreds of books written about who may or may not be the anti-christ. And we could sit around here this morning and speculate for an hour on who he may be, but that wouldn’t do any of us any good.

So, I’m not going to tell you who I think the anti-christ might be, but, what I am going to do, is give you the facts from the bible about this individual, and show you what part of the world I believe he’s going to come from, and when he’s going to be revealed, and then we’ll talk about what that has to do with you.

2nd Thessalonians 2: 1-12

vs.3 he is referred to as the “man of lawlessness” and the bible says that he won’t be revealed until there is a great rebellion against God.

The Greek text literaly reads: There will be a great change in society’s attitude toward God, a rebellion.

Now, certainly we can see this happeing already today. We’ve taken prayer completely out of schools. The pledge of allegience is before the supreme court because it contains the words “one nation under God” they’re even talking about changing our money because of the words “in God we trust”. Christmas is now referred to as “winter holiday” because the word Christ is in it. The ten commandments have been taken out of our court rooms.

All the while, our schools, Television, colleges, court rooms etc.. are embracing the “gay” movement even some churches are doing this.

Look, our country is not just attempting to abolish god from society, but they are exalting the homosexual agenda in His place.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re seeing society’s rebellion against God that the bible talks about must happen before the anti-christ is revealed.

And they’re doing it in the name of “tolerance”

Look, this rebellion against God is designed by satan to “prime” society and get them ready to receive the anti-christ

1st John 4:3 - The spirit of the anti-christ

2nd Thess 2:4 - removing every object of worship, exalt and defy everything that is called God.

He will set up his kingdom in Jerusalem - look what the palestinians are doing now.

2nd Thess 2: 5-7 Read and explain

Something is holding the anti-christ back. Read vs. 7 again.

Although the bible doesn’t specifically state the idenity of the restraining force, it seems to suggest that Paul is referring to the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Think of it - what if the power of the Spirit of God was suddenly removed fromt he earth? It would be only a brief matter of time before the devil consumated his dream of world domination. You see, the Holy Sprit is the great restrainer, and he is holding back the evil from coming to pass in the world today.

So, the Holy Spirit is literally holding the anti-christ back.

This is very interesting, because where does the Holy Spirit dwell?

1st Cor 6:19- we are the temple of the holy spirit. we are filled with the Sprit of God, so that we can carry out the work of Jesus here on the earth. The power of the holy Ghost is in us!

So, the anti-christ can’t be reveiled as long as their are spirit filled believers on the earth. So then, what must happen?

The rapture of the church - 1st Thess 4:15-17

Matthew 9:15 - Jesus is bridegroom

Matthew 25:1 - parable

Parable of ten virgins - oil and flame represents holy spirit, jewish tradition of bridgroom going to build his house with his father, and then coming to snatch bride out of room in the middle of the night - we are the bride of christ

Joel 2:16 - a picture of the rapture

Jeremiah 25:10 - a picture of God removing the bridegroom, the bride and holy spirit.

Once the believers are out of here, and the power of the holy spirit is removed from the earth, the anti-christ comes on the seen.

So, why the delay, why is the anti-christ still being restrained?

2nd Peter 3:9

The anti-christ is being held back, because of god’s love, he doesn;t want to see anyone detsroyed, he wants them to repent, and he wants to take as many people with him at the rapture as possible.

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