Summary: Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, and God provided him a ark of safety. Jesus is our Ark of Safety to keep us safe from the floodwaters of judgment.

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The Ark of Safety

Gen 6:1-22

I know that this is a familiar story to you....but there are alot of lessons we can learn from the story of Noah & The Ark.

1. Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. 2. Stay fit. When you’re 600 years old, someone might ask you to do something really big. 3. Don’t listen to what has to be done. 4. Build on high ground. 5. For safety’s sake travel in pairs. 6. Two heads are better than one. 7. Speed isn’t always an advantage...the snails made it on board just like the snails. 8. If you can’t fight or flee......float ! 9. Be nice to each other....we may end up in the same boat ! 10. Remember that the ark was built by amateurs....the titanic by pro’s. 11. Remember that the woodpecker’s on the inside can often be a bigger threat than the storm outside.

12. No matter how bleak it looks, there’s always a rainbow on the other side. 13. Don’t miss the Boat !

The events of Gen 6 took place approx. 6000 years ago. This is a part of history. Archaelogical and Geological evidence support the Biblical account of a flood, and though the details are is interesting to note that cultures all over the world have a story of a great flood. Even the native American’s have a story from their pages of history about a great flood of water that covered the whole earth. This morning it is important that we remember this story as the Bible relates it because not only is it a accurate account of history, but because the Bible is the inspired word of is important also that we look at, and remember these events because Jesus made a comparison between the days prior to the flood, and the days prior to his coming.

Let’s look together at our scripture...

1. God Describes The Earth.

Twice in our back to back verses 11,12......God describes the earth as being corrupt. The word “corrupt” means decayed, marred, wasted.

a. Marriages were corrupt.

When God looked upon the earth, he saw that the sacred institution of marriage had been difiled, corrupted because the righteous were intermingling, and marrying the unrighteous. Decisions to marry were being based on beauty instead of belief. It is a dangerous thing to base relationships upon physical appearance. Too many relationships are begun based upon lust, and end up lost. Christians should date only Christians, and should marry only those of like faith !

In our text today...once the intermingling, and mixed marriages began it was all down hill from there. A society will only be as strong as the homes, and families that make it up.

Marriage, the home, our family are vital, and that is the reason why Satan most often gears his attacks upon the family. The Family is the backbone of society. I believe that the decline in morality in our society can be traced directly back to the home. We can’t blame Hollywoood....or the media......or the educational system ! It begins with the family ! Notice also that the.....

b. Men were corrupt.

From the unholy unions came unholy children. The result of these marriages were corrupt in particular are mentioned. Why does God single out the men in this passage and describe them ? It is because it is expected, and assumed that the women, and the children are going to be led by the men. That is not to say that we rule with a fist of iron....but that we are to lead by example.

These men are said to be men of renown.....heroes of old. Literally they were bullies or tyrants. The society of that day was so disarrayed that the heroes of that day were tyrants.......does that strike a cord ? Who are our children looking up to today ? People who parade on stages half-dressed, and spew out obscenities......people who accept awards for motion pictures only to berate our president.......athletes who bust the door down to the girl friends homes and threaten them with a gun....

c. Minds were corrupt. Every imagination....every thought was evil continually ! Where you have evil will have evil behavior....wicked acts.....vile words !

d. Manner was corrupt. They were violent.

2. God Declares The End.

a. Notice His Sigh. “v 6. repented means a strong breath or sigh” When God looked upon the earth, and saw the corruption of the’s what he did....he sighed !

b. Notice His Sorrow.

“grieved is translated elsewhere in the scripture as sorry, hurt, vexed

c. Notice His Saying. V.13

3. God Designs The Escape. V. 14

a. It was specific.

Make an ark......of Gopher wood.

b. It was spacious.

Depending upon which cubit length was used, the Ark could have been from 437 to 512 ft in length. It was not until the 19th century that a ship anwhere near this size was built again. It’s ration was 30X5X3..according to ship-builders this ratio represents an advanced knowledge of ship building since it is the optimum design for stability. The Ark as designed by God was vitually impossible to capsize. It would have to have been tilted over 90 degrees in order to capsize. Using the shorter standard of the cubit the Ark would have a internal volume of 1,518,750 cubic feet or the equivalent of 569 standards railroad boxcars. Using the average sized animal as a measurement.....this space would hold 125,000 sheep. 17,600 different species of animals. I wonder where Noah kept the termites ?

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